Welcome to the Babblefish Game page. Babblefish provides you with web’s best online Game sites with information on the newest games, strategy, forums and so much more. As computer and video games get better and better so do the amount of skills and knowledge to play them. We have compiled some of the best sites to buy, rent and learn about games as well as communities to meet other gamers from around the world.

Computer and Video Games

Game Hints – As the games become more sophisticated there are more and more hidden tricks and hints that help you achieve that next level of play. We have found all the useful game hint sites and offer them to you for your gaming enjoyment.

Game SoftwareBabblefish has found the best places to purchase and rent or download for free games from all over the globe. This is a great place to look for all your gaming titles at the best prices.

Game Hardware – Today’s games require high speed graphics and 3 d accelerators to fully get that realistic action. This list will help you find the gaming hardware you need and how to chose the best one for your needs.

Online Games – A complete list of online sites that offer computer games from the simple single player card and puzzle games to the single shooter shot-em up games as well as the more advanced multi-player games.

Making Games – Babblefish has made a few games in the past including the online multi player card game fortyfives (www.fortyfives.com). In doing so we have found many sites that help in understanding what you need to make a game. We also are putting together a tutorial on how to make a multi-player game and will be writing it on line. We can learn new tricks and tips to make your game building better and more stable.



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