Welcome to Babblefish Movie – TV- DVD entertainment section. There is no doubt that movies and TV play a great part in understanding world cultures and politics. Babblefish has created a movie magazine blog (the Rag), A movie review and download site ( Hollywoodmoviesociety.com) as well as a screenwriter educational site (Screenwriterspeaks.com. We hope this will help you in following the movie – TV – DVD scene and keeps you up to date on all the latest movie industry releases, gossip and news.

Hollywood movie society - Find movie stats, trailers of all the recent as well as up and coming releases, buy movies on line for download or stream and get movie theater start times and locations ( for US, England, and Canada ).

Screenwriter speaks – A collaboration between Babblefish.com and Hollywood movie insider Rita Grant Miller ( Producer, Director, and Screenwriter) to create an educational blog that will teach you successful screenwriting techniques provide one on one consultation and direct you down the right path so you have a screenplay that is presentable and capable of being selected by a publishing company.