Welcome to the babblefish Music section. Babblefish provides links to the web’s best music sites. These sites offer downloads, interviews, guides, hints and help in making and listening to music from around the world. Babblefish has been involved in the recording industry since 2002 and continues to grow in its connections and friendships in the industry with some of the top recording producers and engineers. We have been doing a series of interviews in association with recordproduction.com and studioexpresso.com featuring top studios and producers in the US, UK, Canada, France and around the world. Be sure to watch them all.


Music Video - Today music is not just audio, it is a combination of audio and video, We have collected a large source of music video sites to help you keep up with today’s videos and reminisce over yesterdays.

Music Scene – Whether its entertainment news, gossip, new releases or awards. find it all here.

Music Interviews – we have collected a large resource of streaming video interviews with producers and artists. Check out this fascinating collection of links.

Making Music – Are you an aspiring music maker. Do you need help or want to stay abreast of the latest equipment and techniques. Check out our Making Music section to find links and sites that will help you make your own music.

Music Downloads - a collection of sites and links to the webs best and greatest music download sites. Find the music you want at the best prices.

Tabs / Lyrics – looking for the words or chords to your favorite song. Well there are many tab and lyric sites available and we have collected some of the best.



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