Welcome to the babblefish‘s Making Music Section. Babblefish is happy to help you find a studio or producer or both. But in today’s world many people are building home studios and even just recording straight to there PC in there bedrooms or basements.

This can be very rewarding to song writers who are trying to create a song or a band trying to perfect a sound and do not have the money for lots of studio time. So to help you learn how to record and what equipment you may want to use as well as useful tips, new tricks and techniques to make and record your music as good as possible. We have collected a list of useful links for you to browse through and enjoy.

Audio Recording Terms Glossary – The Recording Institute of Detroit provide this glossary as a professional courtesy to the music & recording industry.

Song Writing Science – Unique approach to making money as a song writer.

Tweak’s Guide to the Home and Project Studio -Tweakheadz Lab’s GUIDE to the Home and Project Studio is one of the best startig points for help in home recording as well as how to put together a less expensive Recording Studio that Rivals Professional Studio Sound …

recordproduction.com – A web site featuring a large selection of streaming video interviews with top record producers around the world and studio tours. Get advice and tips from the pros using there forum.

HRC- brings you a constantly growing catalog of recording tips, studio equipment reviews and discussion forums to help you with analog and digital audio recording in your home studio, choosing and using recording software and hardware, getting the most out of your computer and more. HRC also has a audio glossary to help with terminology, a list of FAQ’s to help answer the most common questions, a full directory of recording resources for additional support and countless other tools and resources to help you get your home studio up, running and productive.

Homerecording.about.com -a complete guide to home recording: resources, how-to guides, reviews and profiles of equipment needed..

The Recording Website – Learn the basics, get and give recording advice and get a wealth of recording resources, such as tips and articles

Computer Based Home Recording for Musicians - For people who want to make their own demo recordings at home and have them “sound just as good as $50 an hour project studio productions”.

harmony-central.com – the leading Internet resource for musicians, supplying valuable information from news and product reviews, to classified ads and chat rooms.

ProRec – targets pro, semipro, and amateur recordists primarily in the PC digital audio workstation market. Our readers represent the leading edge of computer-based recording technology. Our staff is composed of engineers and producers with extensive knowledge and experience focused on PC digital audio workstations. Our narrow focus enables us to deeply and closely target this rapidly growing segment of the recording market.

Download Studio Buddy FREE! – In just minutes, you can have Studio Buddy right on your desktop, handy for all your recording questions.


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