Free Language Translators – One of our most popular features is our free online machine language translators. These translators allow you to cut and paste or type text, sentences and/or URLs to get an instant translation from and to many different languages.

Foreign Language Keyboards – Our free translator offers virtual foreign language keyboards so you can type in any language that we translate. We also have a complete line of foreign key boards available for purchase. Keyboard software is also available that will allow you to type in any web site or application.

Text to Speech (TTS) Talking Translator- A very useful tool to help you communicate with others that do not speak your language as well am educational tool to help you learn the correct pronunciation of the text.

Website Translators - Tools for translating websites to many different languages. We offer free website translation code that is easy to incorporate on your site allowing visitors to read the site in their language.

Language Guesser – Language guessers will take a word and determine its language. Often a document is found and you have no idea what language it is. That’s were a language guesser comes in. Just type or paste in the questioned text and the guesser will do its best to identify the language for you. Then you can use a translator to translate it to your language.