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Abenaki: Welcome to the Abenaki Language
Afrikaans: Learn Afrikaans Online
Ainu: Ainu Language
Albanian: Albanian World
Albanian: Albanian Language
Arabic: Marhaba – Welcome to the world of Arabic
Arabic: Babel – Arabic
Arabic: Learn to Read Arabic
Arabic: WEB Arabic (in English and French)
Arabic: Let’s Learn Some Arabic
Arabic: Welcome to #Arabic
Arabic: Speak 7 (Arabic) by Salim
Arabic: Madinah Arabic
Arabic: Advanced Vega Society – Learn Arabic
Aramaic: Learn Assyrian (Syriac-Aramaic) Online
Aramaic: Learn Assyrian Aramaic
Armenian: Armenian Lessons Online
Armenian: Armenian Lessons
Armenian: Armenian Language for NoN Armenian Speakers
Armenian: Learn Armenian
Asturian: Deprendi Asturianu
Asturian: Llingua Asturiana
Basque/Euskara: Basque Studies Program
Basque/Euskara: Buber’s Euskara Page
Basque/Euskara: Euskara (In French)
Bengali: Bengali Primer
Bengali: Learn to Read Bengali
Bosnian: Learn Bosnian Language
Breton: Kervarker
Bukharic: Bukharian Jewish Language
Bulgarian: Learn Bulgarian
Bulgarian: Bulgarian Grammar Drills
Burmese: Burmese Language
Catalan: Learning Catalan
Catalan: Catalan Grammar
Catalan: Parla Català
Cebuano: Cebuano Lessons
Chamorro: FINO’ Chamorro lesson archive
Chamorro: The Chamorro Language of Guam(pdf)
Chamorro: Chamorro Language
Cherokee: Basic Cherokee
Cherokee: Cherokee Language Lessons
Cherokee: Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center
Chichewa: Chichewa Language Materials
Chinese: Online Chinese
Chinese: Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
Chinese: Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
Chinese: Audio Tutorial of Basic Chinese
Chinese: Learn Chinese
Chinese: Chinese Tools – Learn Chinese
Chinese: Online College of Chinese Language
Chinese: ZapChinese
Chinese: Chinese (Mandarin) – Wikibooks
Chinese: Linese
Chinese: Mandarin Chinese with Serge Melnyk
Chinese: ClearChinese: Learn Chinese
Chinese: Chinese Phrases for Travelers
Chinook: Chinook Jargon
Cornish: Warlinenn – The Cornish Language Online
Cornish: Kernewek dre Gesroesweyth
Cree: Cree Lessons
Cree: Cree Online Language Class (PDF)
Cree: How To Say It In Cree
Creole: Kreyol Grammer: The Language Of Haiti
Creole: Lousiana Creole Grammer
Croatian: Croatian Language
Croatian: Learn Croatian – Basic Phrases and Expressions
Croatian: Croatian Language – Basic Phrases (for French Speaker)
Czech: The Little Czech Primer
Czech: Local Lingo – a Czech Language Site
Czech: Czech Online

Free language courses by the Foreign Service Institute.

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