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Fort Bend ISD names bilingual, ESL instructors as Teacher of the Year

By admin - Thu May 10, 2:21 am

Fort Bend ISD names bilingual, ESL instructors as Teacher of the Year
Dilma Calles of Seguin Elementary School was named the FBISD Bilingual Teacher of the Year, Limaris Swailes of Drabek Elementary School was named the Elementary ESL Teacher of the Year, and Tiffany Rickets of Sartartia Middle School was named the …
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Redmond Writers club honors ESL arts heroes, celebrates release of 'Drumvoices
Writer Dumas, born in Sweet Home (Arkansas) and raised in New York's Harlem from the age of 10, taught at SIUE-ESL's Experiment in Higher Education in 1967-68. At EHE, he mentored local poet Sherman L. Fowler and was a colleague of Redmond (EBR has …
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    Hi. First it is EFL, not ESL for Mexico.Secondly, are you getting paid by your sndeutts or by an institute? If you are getting paid by the sndeutts, decide what you want for an hour rate and divide that by the number of sndeutts in your class times how many class periods you have. But remember for each 1 hour of class time it usually takes 1 hour of out of class time for prep and admin work associated with the class, so remember that when you are making up your own costs. To this you should add the cost of transportation and materials, I predict 20% of my hourly rate will go into materials. So here is a quick calculation.If you want 20 USD an hour and have 4 sndeutts in your class, for 12 sessions and it costs you 2 USD for transport ion each way.:20 (hourly rate wanted) x 2(for teaching and prep time) + 4 (for materials per class) + 4 (for transportation x 12 (number of sessions) you get 576 USD. Now divide this by 4 (the number of sndeutts) and you get 144 USD. Round it up to 149 USD and that is the cost per student for all the classes.

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