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Thai Language School Bangkok

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Article by Language Express

Are you looking for a Thai language school in Bangkok? Perhaps you would like to speak Thai, or learn to read and write Thai. Or maybe you are simply looking for a school to learn the Thai grammar and practice your Thai conversation skills. Whatever your Thai language needs, if you are looking for quality Thai teachers, who use the best Thai language textbooks and can teach you Thai then try language Express.

Language Express are your total stop for all Thai learning needs. The two owners each have twenty years experience in language education. These are not your typical language school owners, but trained professional who have managed schools for decades and have had literally thousands of satisfied students.

Language Express has 41 full time staff at its Bangkok headquarters. They teach Thai conversation and Thai grammar, as well as how to read and write Thai and how to pronounce Thai correctly. There are five levels in their Thai course. Each level last for 12 weeks and there are 24 conversation lessons and 24 literacy lessons. You can take the literacy and conversation sections at the same level, or decouple them and study at a different levels if you find you are progressing at different rates. This is the only school in Bangkok where you can decouple the reading& writing and speaking sections of the course.

Each Thai conversation lessons begins with a vocabulary list. Students memorize the list and learn the correct pronunciation at the same time using three steps. They then study a dialog that contains high use structures, of the sort you need to converse in Thai. The dialogs are typically 4 to 8 lines long depending on the level you are taking. After learning the dialogue in three steps you then perform substitutions using the items in the textbook and then do a freestyle role-play so you learn how to integrate the days lesson with other Thai that you already know.

Four lessons are grouped together to make a unit. Everything in the unit is on a common theme and recycles a lot of the vocabulary and structures in that unit, so that you really get a chance to get your teeth into it. Every fourth lesson is either a review lesson or a test. The tests are designed to chart your progress and motivate your learning. When you have passed three tests you are ready to move onto the next level. It s a solid system, carefully designed to maximize your learning and get you speaking right from your very first lesson.

If you are after Bangkok’s best Thai language school then look no further and try Language Express. Language Express is located directly n front of Plonchit station on the ground floor of the Mahatun plaza building.

In addition to Bangkok’s best Thai curse it also teaches English grammar, English conversation, Business English and preparation clases for the GED, SAT, IELTS, TOEIC and IGCSE exams. Language Express is Bangkok’s number one language school. http://www.langaugeexpress.co.th

Thai School Bangkok http://www.languageexpress.co.th

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