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Aiming to be different: The new hi-tech player in Jakarta’s English language education sector.

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by IOE London

Article by David Keating

Aiming to be Different

The new hi-tech player in Jakarta’s English language education sector.
By David Keating.

Jakarta, May 5th 2007

Both learning and using the English language have now become a major part of the lives of many Indonesians. From a young age children begin learning English at schools, meaning the majority of Indonesians who complete formal school education have at least a basic grasp of the fundamentals of the language.

Increasingly, families are recognizing that children who take language education one step further are getting a ‘head start’ on their peers when it comes to higher education and the employment market. From an early age, some modern Indonesian families (especially those in the big cities) incorporate English into the daily lives of their children through family conversation and after-school language classes. The result of this upsurge in demand for language education has been an increasing number of language schools, and nowhere can this trend better be seen than in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta.

A bewildering variety of English language courses are on offer for Jakarta’s youth, from ‘private’ classes with individual teachers to the array of different types of programs offered by the multitude of commercial language schools in the city. There are now English courses aimed at people from all walks of life, and for an array of different purposes:
Academic English, Business English, IELTS preparation, General English, Conversation, TOEFL preparation, writing classes, business communication, ESP(English for specific purposes)… the list goes on…

2 questions will be addressed here:
1.What are students looking for in a Jakarta language school
2.Where can all of their needs be met?

What are students looking for in a Jakarta language school?

Formal market research, combined with extensive personal investigation, has shown that the 5 highest ranking factors in choosing a language school in Jakarta are as follows (1=most important, 5=least important):
1.Experienced, fun teachers.
2.Range of support services and facilities
3.Comfortable learning environment
4.Reasonable price
5.Close to home/office

Where can all of the students’ needs be met?

With so many schools and so many teachers, Jakarta already caters for each of the above mentioned factors. However, very few institutions are able to offer them all and more besides. The new player on the language school scene in Jakarta is ‘Aim for English’, a small Manggarai-based centre offering ‘the personal touch’, as well as courses, services and facilities currently unparalleled in Indonesia.
Innovative language solutions

1.Experienced, fun teachers.

Aim for English (Aim) has teachers from Indonesia and from English-speaking countries. They all have several things in common: – Internationally recognized qualifications, years of experience of teaching English to Indonesians, and genuine passion for the English language and teaching. Unlike some less reputable language schools, Aim’s native-speakers are ‘here to stay’ (they’re not glorified backpackers with a job).
Teacher training and development is a continual process at Aim, and all staff strive for perfection.

1.Range of support services and facilities & 3. Comfortable learning environment
Aim’s facilities really help it stand out from the crowd. Their approach is to go ‘hi-tech’, implementing ‘Smart’ touch-screen white boards in classrooms and MP3-based listening activities. Gone are the days of cassettes and chalk boards; listening activities are now controlled by the white board and piped out via 5.1 digital surround-sound speakers.

Aim’s custom-designed interior creates a modern, bright stimulating place to relax or study. Walk through the door off Jalan Padang into an air-conditioned lounge-caf, featuring a computer section, a library, and plenty of places to sit in comfort and read a newspaper with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Once enrolled, students have access to Aim’s free wireless internet service, providing a hi-speed broadband connection in all communal areas and class rooms.
Also worthy of note is Aim’s one-of-a-kind ‘e-notice board’. The owners of Aim have done away with the traditional cork pin-boards, and now have a giant projector-screen display on the caf

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