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Business English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL – Finance & Accounting Vocabulary 2

By admin - Mon May 07, 9:16 pm

Visit BusinessEnglishPod.com to download this video and others covering more business ESL vocabulary. This Business English video ESL lesson introduces English vocabulary related to finance and accounting.
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FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com The grand final of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in QUAKE LIVE between Shane “rapha” Hendrixson and Anton “Cooller” Singov. Analysed and explained by rapha.


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    I just want to tell how perfect is your job and how you merit all consideration and admire. Thank you so much for sharing this useful videos.

    Mohamed from Morocco

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    does it really work?

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    thanks once again for this video!

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    You’ve got that backwards.

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    this is perfect for my class. thank you so much. this is totally not an area i’m familiar with and my student asked to review some basic financial/accounting vocab. life saver! thanks!!

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    I believe that you are mistaken. 

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    The video is very useful.but,I think there is a mistake in the video.
    A gross figure is a sum that includes all deductions.
    A net figure is a sum that does not includ any deducion.

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    Good ideas on the business field. Please come and visit my personal blog chrisrugh. com I am also a small business man wanting to learn more. Thank You.

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    This business vocabulary could be very helpful to someone doing international business. I lived in Peru for a while and wished I learned more spanish business vocabulary.

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    it’s an interesting share to study for my Bussiness English exam, thanks a lot =)

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    Very helpful this business english. Thanks

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    This video will be a great complement to my classes. Thank you.

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    Great effort. This is very useful for both native and non-native speakers.


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    Hi my gross income has risen 100% for the last 2 years.hehehehe.That’s a fact.

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    THX! Helped me a lot to understand :-)

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    Thanks alot

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    thank you very much . This is really helpful!

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    This enables me to learn English and basic accounting terms quickly!

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    Thanks, I’m just a n00bfag at this game, didn’t knew that… :)

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    He is slowing the speed of the game down, so he can talk about his tactics. Its not the connection of the player who is disrupted.
    And for the graphics i can tell that i played the same years ago. If you dont do it for a better preformance for your pc, I did it so you see things much better.
    Its a skill game, not a graphicgame:-)

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    Not sure if serious..

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    Why is the guys graphics and connection is so poor?

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    ironically yeah.

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    it does. i am a former cod2 player, but quake is a god among games when it comes to skill

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    Call of duty does not require skill or brain.

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    Only 12yr olds play COD.

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    No thats Call of duty you bitch

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    It goes beyond that and you know it.

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    Powerup mongering = Pure skill?

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    its funny how these old games, quake 3 and cs:1.6 kick any new shiny game ass..

    it’s amazing how much skill winning involves outside of just shooting in quake.

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    he cuda got rail at 6:20

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    I really miss the era of skill based shoters :( 

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    I know both of those things already, I was just making an interesting observation.

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    His name is Carmac, also that video was staged/fake.

    Just for the record Athene is a e-celeb who thinks he is somebody because of his best paly in the world days

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    wow, amazing

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    the presenter here was in an Athene (Chiren) video not so long ago

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    Thumbs up if you can’t strafe jump like me!

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      It is important to srsets that when you work in an american business,salesassociates must always say how may I help you and never say to a? customerwhat do you want to eat or what do you want to buy. Americans will get madif you do.

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    most pro players set down their textures for concentration.

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    ye i agree, id say that both cs 1.6 and quake have a high skillcap, but 1.6 not for the individual player but more for the team.

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    starcraft is actually extremely competitive and skilloriented similar to quake..

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