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ESL “Cockney Rhyming Slang” English Language Class 1101 British Pronunciation

By admin - Fri Jun 08, 10:48 pm

www.iswearenglish.com Explanation of Cockney Rhyming Slang in English. North and South, butcher’s hook, plates of meat, tit-for-tat (titva), trouble and strife, jam jar, porkie pies, bird lime, tea leaf, thruppeny bits, Donald Duck, Anthony Blunt, merchant banker. Part of the Playlist “Special English Language Forms 1100 series”…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    Love this vid im cockney and if we go out on the slash and see an unattractive woman we’ll say “she’s gotta naughty boat”

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    “Man I wouldn’t mind to cockney slang her” ;)

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    Eh, this is too complicated. I’d just ask them what the hell they’re saying.

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    Couldn’t really concentrate on what he was saying, I was too distracted by the epic beard

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    If I walked around the Bow Bells saying “Donald Duck” would I be fined for swearing?

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    im from boston and some of the words are pronounced the same as cockney words like dinner we also say “dinna”. I love the British accent!

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    I’m brazillian, and since I started reading stories by Agatha Christie, I wondered how would be this “cockney” accent, as the translations always destroy these kinds of linguistic identity. And now I found by accident a really good explanation about it! Thumbs up man. Liked it very much.

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    You’ll say that I’m Chicken Jalfrezi… but I like Cockney…
    You remind me prof Jerzy Bralczyk polish linguist… In manner of speaking… It’s just great, all clear.

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    Very interesting video.. thanks for sharing..

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    You’re a wizard Harry

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    Would you Adam and Eve it?

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    all roads lead to Rome

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    i was looking up the word ‘birdlime’, and i found your channel again.

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    stand by my hawkmen! DIIIIIVVE!!!

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    I’m repeating every word you said in this video, it really helps ^^ to be honest I got amazed by the English pronunciation that was coming out from my mouth! xP wow!

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    ya gonna be my new english teacha… thanks a lot

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    You have understood exactly. And your examples are great.
    Note Robin Hood for good is already used.
    Many things have set phrases and I would not suggest using too many non standard ones together.
    It is through this invention that new standard phrases come into existence when a new rhyming phrase becomes popular.
    Note Robin Hood for good is already used.

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    So, anything that rhymes would work? There aren’t set words for certain words?
    Would this work?

    “Have a robin hood day” or “Have a robin hood tina fey” ?

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    nah ‘ere’s a pot that can take an egg!
    Caps off to yer Squire!!

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    it looks like a syrup but its my own

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    that a syrup above yer boat china?

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    Your beard is amazing. <3

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    You are awesome

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    Wonderfully explained!!!

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    This is a great video. However, since we are correcting errors here, it is important to correct all the errors found in the email. For example, we have “In future” which should be “In the future”.
    I agree with this video presentation because it explains email mechanics, style and tone. When communicating especially electronically, it is important to set the tone of communication so as to get the desired feeling that we want the words to create.
    I always make sure I check for errors before I send

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    its very useful video thanks for sharing

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    I totally agree. For one, I think email writing also has its basics. Gotta review my email writing.

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    Don’t hit ‘send’ just yet. You have a missing article to insert. It should read “in THE future”. Beyond that, well done. Clean, simple content and narrated slowly for ESL learners.

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    PMAN638 – Shrylnee
    Very good way to make e-mail users aware of how critical it is to construct and review e-mails when communicating. Electronic information sharing is often misused due to lack of face-to-face interaction. As outlined in the ESL Business Writing Video, reviewing, identifying the mechanics, setting the tone and creating proper style are equally important when writing an e-mail or any form of communication.

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    PMAN 638 – Caffee

    This video is very useful to me. Unfortunately, I encounter this issue on a regular basis. A major portion of my daily activities involves communication via email. By using these tips and methods, you should be able to more effectively communicate with others in a clear and concise manner.

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    This vidoe definelty emphasized the way in which emails can so quikcly be mis interpreted and cause mis communication amongst the receivers of the email.
    PMAN638 Ealia Payne

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    1102PMAN6389040 Steven
    I’m really happy to see these lessons are out there. It is very important to take care when writing e-mail, especially to your colleagues. Your peers and supervisors in your office will view you by your ability to communicate by writing. As my high school English teacher once said, “Spelling always counts!” And so do style and mechanics. Especially in the business world!

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    PMAN 638-Spring 11 Nidhi

    This video shows the importance to keep messages simple and easy to understand. You don’t want to communicate just communicate. Sending messages that are meaningful to team members and stakeholders that are clear and concise will take the sender of the information a long way. Sending meaningful messages that can be understood is to be able to communicate the message. Messages that are grammatically incorrect, reduces the sender’s credibility.

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    PMAN 638 – Spring 2011 – Wulah

    This video teaches a lot of important things about writing business emails. Style is very important. Thanks for posting this video.

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    I can’t thank you enough for posting this video. E-mail is definitely an important communication tool not only for project managers but for EVERYONE. Having a clear and concise e-mail demonstrates:

    • comprehension of subject matter(s)
    • understanding of grammatical rules

    Overall, proofreading and editing should be ones bestfriend when sending an e-mail. Without these two tools your e-mail is bound to be misunderstood.

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    PMAN 638 – Tim. This video is very informative. It’s strange how most organizations do not off training on email and so one would never know these basic tips. The information shared on the importance of the Subject line accuracy, impact of the greetings and good grammer are solid.

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    Will use your way to start improve my email writing. Thanks.

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    Great Video. thanks for sharing. Video Email is another great way to resolve email communication problems.

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    you are great. if you have more, could you post for everybody to learn, please? thanks

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    Liked it very much?
    i’ll be gratefull if anybody here can tell me what ESL all about?

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    Great stuff. Clear and concise writing. Thank you for sharing.

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    you can become a ESL Teacher in SEEMILE

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    Will use this way to review my email writing. Thanks.

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    This is brilliant, thanks so much for posting it! I teach English and my students are always fascinated by Cockney Rhyming Slang, but I can never think of enough examples to keep them happy. Now I will be able to, so thanks very much!

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    We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with valuable info to paintings on. You’ve done a formidable activity and our whole community will be grateful to you.

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