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ESL TV talks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

By admin - Mon Jul 09, 2:23 pm

www.twitter.com/esltv www.facebook.com/esltv Last weekend, Valve invited a team of CSS pros and community figures to their studios to test a secret new project that was later revealed as CS:GO! Tonight, after a long trip home, Joe Miller and Bastian Veiser give you some insight and thoughts on what they have seen so far!
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    They mean of course the pro players and I’d rather listen to them than some developers. Remember that this game isn’t by Valve; it’s being developed by Hidden Path who also did CS:Source and we all saw how that went :/

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    didnt expect someone to say this 8 months ago :D you sir win @ the internet.

    HATS OFF to valve xD

    get it? hats? valve? xD

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    gg wp english second language brah

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    Free Beta Keys Giveaway! /watch?v=kvkkscI9a2I

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    cod is casual exept for cod4 promod ; )

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    Valve DOES know what they’re doing..

    but this game is only half – made by Valve. The original creator of CS doesn’t even work there anymore.

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    B1 4 if you know what i mean.

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    I agree money system is fuckin screwed .

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    that taser will be hilarious to use in public servers xD

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    that taser will be hilarious to use in public servers xD

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    Great ACE

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    Looks awful…..

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    Valve is awesome :D 

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    Counter strike 1.5 beta <3
    Counter strike: Source <3
    Counter strike: Global offensive <3

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    okay, compared to 1.6 gameplay-wise it was a fail :D

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    CS:S is both a sucess and a failure. It was a failure to the competitive gamers and the people who were expecting a remake of counter-strike to show off their new tech.

    CS:S wasn’t anywhere close to the terrible game that people make it out to be, and it is still better than every military shooter game released in the past 7 years. Just because a game works better as a casual game instead of an esport like 1.6 doesn’t make it a failure.

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    “Trust me, Valve knows what to do. They have since 1999.”

    With CS:S they failed.

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    But it wont be CS that we all loved(and still love many people still play it) yet playing in pubs isnt possible cuz its so cheat populated, I ind off agree with you we need new CS(even it will be filled with kids that will be attracted by graphics(more frags for me))

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    That’s a perfectly logical statement.

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    are you kidding  me ?

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    Why do you people complain so god damn much?

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    This is scary, please valve don’t rock the boat. You guys have created the best multiplayer game of all time, don’t mess it up now. CS is not TF2.

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    I think they should add complexity to the game and not the other way around.

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    the guy on the left is gay lord

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    plus their hit detection is much better/has always been better than mw and bf games. even though it looks the same, engine and stuff better graphics, in the end people don’t want any thing else. i just hope it got more modes.

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