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Q&A: Is it easy to become an English teacher in Japan?

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Question by Pumpkin: Is it easy to become an English teacher in Japan?
Do you have to get a bachelors in English and a “teaching ESL” degree, OR can you just go teaching English in Japan if they know you’re a foreigner who’s mother tongue is English…???

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Answer by Hiro’s Answers
You need a minimum of a 4 year degree to obtain a Workers Visa in Japan.

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    You need to have a University degree in any subject(it can be auto mechanics, for instance) to be legally employed as a teacher.
    With fewer qualifications it is still possible to get a job as assistant teacher if you are a student, and on a working holiday.

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    Most of the time you need a degree but in some case if you are aleady in Japan you can get a job easy. Check out


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    maybe,but japan asks for to much education status and career skills so you probraly need educational experience

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    It depends on the kind of teaching you want to do. If you want to be an ALT (e.g. through the JET program or a company like Altia or Interac) or an eikaiwa teacher, you need a four-year degree in any field. You will also have to go through an application process, though how difficult and long the process is varies depending on where you apply (and quite frankly no, this process is NOT that easy, despite the complaints of Japanese people who think the ALTs are somehow responsible for the failures of their school system). If you want to be an actual teacher, you would need at least one degree in English and/or TESL, but even then you might not be able to get a job without having the appropriate Japanese teacher certification. Either way, just walking off the plane speaking English isn’t nearly enough to get a reputable job. You need to research your different option before you apply so you can figure out what kind of job you want and what you need to do to get it.

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    Jobs are NOT easy to get in Japan.Period.Japan is still in a major recession,and even many Japanese are having problems finding work.
    You need a four year degree to work in Japan.And a job offer before you get there.The site below will explain visas to you.

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