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The role of the classroom foreign language teacher

By admin - Sun Apr 29, 9:40 am

How as the Internet, and what we know about language acquisition changed the role of the classroom foreign language teacher? A great deal, in my view.
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    Betcha wouldn’t dare to say stuff like that right to Christophe’s face? :)

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    From a cyber coward who can’t use a real name or a real photo the substance of what you say means little. So where was that PhD program you attended? Oh that’s right you were too scared to appear in public to get refused entry.

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    Nice to know that you have a PhD in the field? Oh that’s right you don’t.

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    I have watched the vast majority of Steve’s videos and have joined LingQ-though me being me I can’t get started. Christophe Clugston in one of his videos describes a language method taught only in Thailand, and even there one must be a well off retired person with 2 years to spend to learn this to Mr. Clugston highly impressive method for language learning. He also describes the superiority of methods which require one to spend time with the target population-few have such time. Steve wins, C C

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    It seems that being prodded for citations of your view have not been forthcoming. Why is that?

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    @TheCzechExperiment That is a little obtuse.

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    In your own unsupported conclusions. That is self evident.

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    You gotta hand it to Christophe, he sure knows how to swing a punch!

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    Wow, never been to grad school have you? Your ignorance needs to be abated not supported. You wouldn’t last two seconds in a competitive academic setting. Your vested interest is too strong in your faltering abilities. Funny that others were able to gain more from that FREE academic tutelage than you were.

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    Thank you Steve, this is a perfectly timed video as I take my children into Portuguese! I will certainly now do a lot more “fun”, “silly” activities to get them engaged and worry less about what they are learning and more on inspiring them to “want” to learn Portuguese!

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    You have to have the audio on, go back and turn up your speakers. Good luck

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    For the shocking truth about Krashen see my video about Krashen.

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    Why anyone takes school and languages seriously is beyond my understanding. Most things that occur in the academic world is remembered long enough just to pass the next exam or test (sort term memorization). A “Good” student is actually just someone who can recall the academic uselessness for longer periods of time.

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    Steve, I just finished listening to the audiobook, “Drive:The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” by Daniel H. Pink.

    Among other topics that could be applied to language learning, it discusses the failure of the modern classroom and how teachers are focused on compliance instead of learning. I think you would also find this book interesting.

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    As a teacher I think you have to tailor make the classes to suit the needs of the students. This makes the classes fun, interesting, & motivating to participate & learn. For young kids full of energy, I found having a lot of physical activity & letting them be noisy while using the language gets them really involved & giving rewards like a piece of candy goes a long way w/a kid too. Adults & older kids don`t want to run about & get candy so you find their interests & hone in on them.

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    I TOTALY agree with you. I think if you can understand the language, everything else will fall into place. I think is easier more effective and faster. People who learn grammar first, then they have to spend time trying to understand the language and it can be done all at once with a more “naturalistic” way of learning. I agree that adults need to put a lot of effort trying to learn the phonemes of the new language (difference between B and V were hard for me), but it’s totally achievable…

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    i like your approach to leaning a foreign language. I have been learning English forever and only when i focused on interesting input i made progress. Hopefully, i can now learn French in a relatively shorter period of time.

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    No I would learn them all and more. No need to stick with one.

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    Interesting. Motivation is the key that unlocks the power of learning.

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    (cont) Unfortunately in Japan the goal of the teacher is often to simply appear confident in front of students and correct them and correct them over and over until they crawl into a shell and don’t even try. Pedagogy IS a valid subject Steve, and you have great ideas! Some study pedagogy from the “top-down”, by conducting research into what works and what doesn’t in the classroom. Others take a “bottom-up” approach (like you), doing the actual gruntwork of learning. Both ways can work!

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    Regarding persuasion and motivation, in my 12 years of English teaching in East Asia (11 years in Japan, now in Taiwan) I have found that constantly reminding the students WHY they want to learn the language is important. Reasoning will have to be tailored to the particular students, adults and 10-12 year olds will have different motivations.

    In early levels the students MUST have positive experiences and be made to feel good about their learning.

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    Steve, this is not news to me. Being a teacher of languages, it is frustrating that the kids don’t take my advise and go beyond the classroom with their language studies. I tell them that the classroom grade means nothing. It is all about filling your head with as much language as possible.

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    As a teacher this is great information. I would love if you could continue with a few more videos on this topic!

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    So if you had your whole time over again, but could only learn 1 foreign language, which them would it be? Maybe it would be Japanese?

    (Interesting video btw)

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