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Have you been in a “WorldLink Education” program to learn a foreign language? Which program & your thoughts?

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Question by : Have you been in a “WorldLink Education” program to learn a foreign language? Which program & your thoughts?
Please check this site out if you’re not sure what I mean- it’s the home page for the japanese program, but there are also programs to learn italian in Italy, spanish in Spain, chinese in China, etc.


If you’ve ever participated in one of these programs, I’d love to read all about your experience. Which program? Was it worth the money? Did you feel safe? Did you get guided cultural tours as well as time to do with as you pleased?

I wouldn’t mind participating in any of the programs, but I just used the japanese page as an example. Also, I’d be participating as a solitary female traveler. Any thoughts?

I don’t have a preference for which country/language. I’ve studied all of the languages listed under WorldLink to some extent, and I find them all interesting.

I just couldn’t find a main website for WorldLink, so I chose a random “home” page just so that people who respond will know for certain which program it is that I am referring to.

Thanks for all of your information!

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Answer by bamalik43
Yeah, actually I studied in the WorldLink program in Beijing in 2003. I had already studied Chinese before, so I was placed in the highest level of the program and only had 2 other students in my class! The class was good and really forced me to speak Chinese all the time because my two teachers didn’t speak any English at all. But for the more beginner levels, the classes can be quite a bit larger and they teach in the language you’re studying and just explain things in English. I didn’t live in the program’s dorm or do any of the activities with the program since I had already lived in Beijing before, so I can’t tell you about anything except the actual language classes. But as for safety, you should be just fine as a female going there by yourself, depending on where you’re going of course. But I’m guessing that since the link you used is for the program in Japan you’re looking into the Japanese program, which will be no problem with safety.

I actually am studying in Tokyo right now. I’ve already spent one year there and I have one to go. I don’t know about the school there where the WorldLink program is, but the location of the school is right in the middle of the city. Tokyo is a very large and crowded city, but it is also very safe and clean and the people are very polite and friendly. I definitely suggest going through the WorldLink program. It may be a little bit expensive, but anything in Japan is very expensive anyway. But I know that the people working for WorldLink are very helpful when you’re getting prepared to go, so I think it’s a great idea for you. Good luck, learn a lot, and have fun!

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    I was in The Peace Corps in Ecuador, South America. Ask me what you want to know about living in a foreign country speaking their language. I had an exciting experience overseas. It was well worth it!

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