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Can ESL stop our way when writing college essays?

By admin - Sun Apr 29, 9:40 am

by Lower Columbia College

Article by Carlos Diaz

College essays play a great part in the academic lives of students. It becomes the reason for a student to peruse a career he or his family always wanted. However, when somebody writes his college essays by putting his best efforts and still gets failed in the finals, there can be some awful results. Most of the students who find their selves having a hard time with college essays writing are the ones who are ESL.

ESL (English as a secondary language) students are those who speak English as a secondary language and some other language (such as Chinese, Spanish, Hindi etc) as their primary one. In most of the countries ESL students are totally hopeless as they dont have any facilities available that can help them in learning the English language which push them backwards every time they want to make a career based or educational move. However, there


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    I wouldn´t Know about conditionals, IF i hadn´t found his video.. THANKS YOU SO MUCH¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

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    After I had used the subjective mood (be, were), the boss thought I was ignorant.

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    thankssssssssss amazing video !!!

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    thanks This is exactly what I was looking for. I do really need to expand my vocabulary And I think that I finally gonna get it.

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    Thank you for this great video. I have just realised “Conditionals” are not so difficult.

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    Very important information. Quite understandable. Thanks.

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    Excellent lecture . Thanks .

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    It is better to teach with this sentence:
    if I had not gone to that party years ago,
    I would not have met my wife
    (“my future wife” vs “my wife”)
    Greetings form:
    Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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    I’d buy a new car if I was rich.

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    keep going, did you have the exercise for this “conditional” lesson? I want it… :)

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    Nice job.

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    Some ppl say that ” if i was ” would be equally acceptable instead of ” if i were” when Conditionals patterns , how does it works in practice ?

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    No apostrophe

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    This video is great, I like the way you are teaching. Thanks teacher I appreciate it.

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    Thanks. Nice video.

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    the video is greate i like the way you teaching !!!!!! thanks teacher i appreciate

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    Interesting lesson…
    My videos are a bit faster paced and I don’t use a chalk or white board.

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    I only speak english and I don’t even get half the terminology used :P

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    great video!

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    can i ask , i want to say The House of Lords reversed this decision and agreed with the judges first decision do i put an aprostphre where it says judges ?

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    Thanks a lot

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