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Fakes of All Kinds

By admin - Sun Jul 01, 2:00 pm

by The Bees

Article by John Ou

Fakes of All Kinds – News – Opinion

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We are seeing a new emerging trend of fake executives to cater the needs of small companies to look more national or international with local presence in multiple cities and countries. Naturally these fake positions are not limited to only executive directors but also includes experts of various business areas. This has resulted to a recruitment industry targeting these needed humans to do the jobs. Companies hire fake executives to attend events, give speeches and to give that appearance of the a connection with the foreign world. Foreigners in a particular local market dressed in suits gives the needed credibility to the companies. Posing as a fake executive has become a lucrative source of income for some bold foreigners living in these countries.

The latest government regulations limiting families to the purchase of only one new apartment in some markets has led many couples in the city to fake a divorce to dodge the rule. Some couples are also turning to fake-certificate companies for fake divorce certificates in order to buy more new apartments by getting a loan with a favorable interest rate and lower down payment.

Fake quarantine certificates have increased dramatically. Poorly made goods, that have not passed regulations or quality standards is exported to other countries with these forged certificates. A fake quarantine certificate only costs criminals dollar or so to make, but can be sold for a 100 times that amount.

Faking employment certificates for travelers seeking foreign tourist visas has become common for travel agencies engaging in overseas travel. Paid visa consultants take advantage of customers by charging them large sums of money, and then they further harm the customer by giving poor advice that results in a visa refusal.

Fake birth certificates are common issue for those adopting children from foreign countries. These certificates are versions of the real certificate where most of the critical information such as the real parents names are left out to make it possible for new parents to claim children to be their own.

Fake PhD certificates that looks just like the one issued by a top university in the United States without putting in the hard work or paying the high tuition fee, but only a small sum of money. Very tempting isn’t it?

Fake ESL teachers from America are a growing problem in non-English speaking countries. Legitimate ESL teachers have real credentials like a college degree, TESL certificate, and teaching experience. Fake ESL teachers have fake diplomas, fake TESL certificates, and use their parent’s phone number as a “previous employment contact”.

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John Ou loves to share his knowledge and experience with others. He writes about anything that he finds interesting. You can also check out his latest website on The Best Tablets which reviews and lists the best tablet PCs or Iltapuku to find best deals for evening dresses.

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John Ou

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