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Greetings 1 Vocab & Phrases – English Meeting ESL Lesson

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Different ways to greet (saying “hello”)people in English. Casual through formal English expressions. Various vocabulary words and phrases for all levels of English learner. How to speak the phrases with proper intonation and feeling. EnglishMeeting.com pronunciation video with…
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Esl English Lesson 02 : www.letstalkpodcast.com Lesson Introduction It’s Monday morning and you wake up sick! How do you tell your boss? This lesson will help you discover new words and phrases that will allow you to ask for a day off from work! Some Great Vocabulary and Phrases to help you speak fluent English with neutral accent Training. Practice these lessons daily to learn and speak English like a native speaker. English Speaking | Spoken English | personality Development | Accent Training | Vocabulary | Phrases | Idioms | fluent English | ESL lesson | fluently and confidently speak English | American accent | British accent
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    Good job mkanig it appear easy.

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