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Learn English: WorldWideLearn.com Reveals Bilingualism Brings Career Success

By admin - Wed May 30, 11:47 pm

Calgary, AB (PRWEB) June 11, 2007

Recent media coverage of congressional debates over immigration reform and the national language question has drawn attention to America’s growing cultural diversity. Competition in today’s society often requires that students and professionals become bilingual. WorldWideLearn.com, the world’s premier online directory of education, offers a language course section with valuable resources for those people seeking to learn a second language and increase their career options (http://worldwidelearn.com/language-courses/index.html).

The U. S. Census Bureau estimates that each day, approximately 3,200 international migrants enter into our country, where there are over 36 spoken languages. According to Wendy Croix, Ph.D., a former professor who writes about education topics, learning a second language is becoming a norm in many educational programs as employers increasingly tend to favor bilingual applicants.

“Few people know that a second language is required for most graduate programs, or that undergraduates with a second language generally get preferential treatment over their English-only counterparts when seeking jobs or grad school admissions,” she said.

WorldWideLearn.com features a variety of language learning resources, including a list of online language courses, lessons, classes and tutorials — grouped into 18 different categories including:

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