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New Lesson Plan Book From Inspiration Software Offers Strategies for Using Visual Learning to Help Young Learners Build Literacy Skills

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Portland, Ore. (PRWEB) March 25, 2008

Elementary school teachers will have even more ways to use visual learning to help young learners build literacy skills with today’s debut of “Kidspiration

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    ; speaking, uiasretdndnng, writting and reading WELL, will depend on what you NEED to read, write and who you need to speak to. What I’m trying to say is that speaking the “Queen’s English” will be no good for a foreigner trying to work or even order at a fast food restaurant. The same case scenario works for a person that is trying to get promoted as a high-level manager being a great and fluent native speaker. He can be as native as he wants but if he only is able to speak street english, it will be very hard for him to achieve his or her promotion, in a proper english world. Having experienced trying to “get” and apply english in a proper environment, as well as a social one; while being a foreigner, was actually quite complicated. At one point a friend of mine from university told me that if I kept myself on the track of using all phrases and vocabulary I read in my text books, by the time I would finish my major, I wouldn’t be able to have a conversation with a janitor, construction worker or any other dude! Not only that, it was actually harder to keep a conversation flowing at a party than debating in a class. But after trying to master social english I felt even more frustraded because speaking my newly acquired “social english” during my classes made me feel completely out of context. My conclusion to all of this mambo jambo is that before you even consider teaching english, you need to understand the need of your student. E.i. If he or she is a person going to live abroad as some executive’s spouse, the first thing she or he will need is to be able to communicate to store clerks, real state agents, school teachers, bank clerks and doctors. Understanding the need will draw a start as well as an the objective. Which will be very different from a person trying to get through difficult university texts as well as complicated teen/young adult slang, etc, etc. I hope that my “foreigner english” will not be to hard to understand. Best Regards.

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