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“TH” Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson

By admin - Sun Apr 29, 9:39 am

Free pronunciation lesson (North American English). Pronunciation of the voiced & voiceless “TH” sound. EnglishMeeting.com video with Dave Sconda. I hope you find this lesson helpful & enjoyable! North American English Pronunciation EnglishMeeting.com pronunciation video…


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    Thanks from Colombia – Cali Great explication.

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    Thank you very much! :D I have always had problems with the TH sound in English. Sometimes I just pronounced it as a “d”, “f” or even a “t”. Thank you very much :D

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    I love your videos, thank you!

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    please, don’t be shy or afraid if your tongue ^^

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    You are funny :D

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    saying the word “another” fast in a sentence is impossible, do you have any tips?

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    watching your video is fun :) ) i like it :X
    its very helpful,too !!!

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    Thanks to you I spoke “the” correctly 99%. That makes me feel so proud of myself. Thank you again! ^__^

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    THere is no such THing as a lisp. Just to point THat out.

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    Thank you for this video!

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    this is a big help to me i speak 4 language so im having trouble with th sound.but when he start talkin exaggerating it its kinda funny though ahhaha thanks good job teacher

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    It’s difficult for me to practice. I can’t intimitate you!!

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    Thank you :D 

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    On, LOST, the T is imploded (doesn’t release), the tongue slides forward to the front teeth, then the voiced TH. :)

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    looks like jim carrey

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    It’s hard for me to pronounce it :s ..but workin on it lolx

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    Olá Dave Sconda .Eu estou amando, a sua aula. Amando mesmo. Você tem uma forma de ensinar, que é impressionante. Obrigada.

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    it is very hard to pronounce when you say “as the” of “withstand”

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    It was good job Lionel

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    Cheers Dave. Very impressive and effective method he has. His face makes you feel relax and confident. I really appreciate his gesture and expressions. I learnt a lot from his videos and recommended and shared with my mates.

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    i like your mouse

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    Yes I understand. Standard American Dialect would have the proper mouth/tongue/air even when speaking fast. There are accent variations that are non-standard. When speaking fast, there are some native speakers who pronounce MONTHS as MUNCE. Ultimately the decision comes down to the individual.

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    its imposibble to pronounce months when speaking fast. i’m noticing that no one pronounce months correctly. they say monts. Any recommandation?

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    Bloody Awesome one!!! mate you are a genious bastered hahahaa
    Please upload as many as you can. Lots of Thanks again.-Shameem

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