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A Question 2 Jehovah’s CHRISTIAN Witnesses about “Accurate” Bible Translation ?

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by Septem Trionis

Question by .: A Question 2 Jehovah’s CHRISTIAN Witnesses about “Accurate” Bible Translation ?
Why do Non-JW’s “Constantly” Nit-Pick that tHE New World Translation “HEBREW” SCRIPTURES were Not Translated By “Qualified” PERSONEL; But then Turn RIGHT AROUND and then say that the Old Testament Is (NOT) Important (ANYMORE) Because the NEW Testament “Changed Everything” ???

“IN” otHEr words: Why KEEP SCREEMING of tHE “Importance” of Something; And tHEn TURNaROUND & Say that It Was “Irrelevent” After All ??? ! ! !

Have “You” Xperienced this in Your Door 2 Door Ministry ?

p.s. REMEMBER that the Old Testament Was WRITTEN in tHE “Hebrew Language” !

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Answer by Lorreign v.2
please…NO more…my eyes are STILL BLEEDING!

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    You guys changed the New Testament too. The NWT version of the Bible is not a valid translation. It was translated to specifically support a doctrine. They removed Jesus’ divinity as much as possible and were not even consistent in the methods they used.

    And the OT is still very important.

    To the poster below me: Your beliefs are not supported in any valid version of the Bible. Not without twisting verses totally out of shape. But you know that.

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    I don´t care I only request to the one that I am talking too if they have a bible and use that, it is amazing to see their face when we show that we use their bible to prove the same we believe.

    Edge : would you like to try?

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    Joseph Smith translated what he could correctly as he did with the Book of Mormon. Why ask about door to door to anyone else? They stay in their churches and hope someone wanders in.

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    cuz JW’s can pretty much find biblical proof that most things they believe in are false and all origninated in babylon. trinity origninated in babylon so did spiritism and worshiping of idols when in the bible people got punished for worshiping idols ie a cross or the virgin mary and so forth. and in the bible it also says that he is the omega only god and so forth. plus on top of that the old testament is important to understand christianity. what i want to know is how come in most other christian bibles and catholic bibles dont use god’s name?

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    When they start on on that, I just put my Bible back in my bag and ask to use theirs. I prepare well before I set out, so I don’t need to look at notes or anything.

    The message is the same, no matter what Bible they use. So far, only one person in my hostel still has issues with the NWT. The rest know that I can use ANY Bible to teach about God’s Kingdom, refute false doctrines like the trinity, hellfire, immortal soul etc.

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