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Arabic Language Translations

By admin - Sat Jun 30, 4:03 am

In this www.WatchMojo.com video, learn how to say basic words and phrases in a Bedouin dialect of Arabic in our language translation series.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Drake Bell translates the teenage language.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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    You really can see that she is being oppressed by her husband!

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    its (ismi) im egyptiian
    lol its my first lang!!

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    she’s UGLYYYYYYY

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    its quite diffrent then the arabic i learned in school

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    No mistake
    MARHBA = Hello
    Salam Alikom = peace upon you
    ahla wa shla = You are Welcome
    AF-WAN= Sorry

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    Is this Hebrew or Arabic ?

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    Learn how to write English first, then you can criticize others u fukin camel.

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    Okay… to anybody looking into learning Arabic, DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THIS VIDEO!!!!! She is not a fluent, native speaker. Her pronounciation is totally off and she sounds horrible. Oh, and @ kuttepeter, the way you say “my name is…” in Arabic is indeed “ismi.” You see, the word for “name” is “ism.” When you add the 1st person possessive “i,” you get “ismi.”

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    My name is –> Is me…that can’t be true

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    her face pisses me off wallah

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    very nice thanks 4 upload

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    You are right, she is doing it in a Bedouin dialect, and I didn’t see anyone comment on what words she used. As all dialects say the words differently. For example “Good night” in Egyptian dialect is “Masa’ el kheir”, and in her Bedouin dialect it’s “Layla Sa’eeda”, which is also correct for good night
    People are commenting on how she pronounces them, as they are not pronounced correctly. Whether you are Egyptian, Moroccan, Bedouin, Lebanese, Omani, etc. you’ll pronounce what’s written similarly

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    damn.. every translation makes me want to f* her mouth more, why she has to sound so damn sexy lol

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    she is terrible im egyptian she doesnt speack that good!!

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    Cut her some slack! She doesn’t have speak the best Arabic in the world, but at least she knows how to speak it! But she needs to pronounce her KHs aka 5 better….

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    Learning lebanese is now easy with Keefak mobile application. Check it out on the app store and on google play :)

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    So why don’t you post a video then? (with the right pronunciation!)

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    Omg! this is bad.

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    What a bad pronunciation…. and accent… for sure that she’s not arabic…

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    what a terrible accent

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    She be pretty..

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    She said she be doing it in a Bedouin dialect. Cut her some slack

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    she already said that its a bedouin dialect, i think all the pronunciation problem comes out of it

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    WTF! if Drake was in my room,i would totally keep him.. that girl needs help

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    AWWWW He is just so precious <3 I would let him play guitar in my room every day of my life <3 He plays it so wall.. :)

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    I would never tell Drake Bell to leave my room!

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    “you can go now”

    “yeah i’ll go” the look on his face hehehehe!!! I LOVE YOU DRAKE!!!!!


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    mom i want something
    i want a computer
    a laaaptop computer!

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    I have photos of Drake when his hair is like you say :D

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    “56 and i’ll buy your new album” hahah

    i love Drake,

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    lol u can go now

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    if i were her i wouldnt tell him to leave :P

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    He can play acoustic in my bedroom annnny dayyyyyy

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    dawz. i wouldn’t tell him to go.

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    I can give you some pictures …give me your e.mail

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    lool so funny this video xD

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    lol this is funny

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    that girl is flilpino and shes hot

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    lol this is so fun

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    wow drake really handsome when his hair is like that…wer did u get dis video of drake…???do you have any photos of drake when his hair is like dat???please tell me..please reply on me…please..

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