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Automatic Translation in Google Chrome

By admin - Wed May 02, 11:46 pm

Instantly translate webpages into your language with Google Chrome. Install Chrome at google.com
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    en Español pues no hablo ingles GRCIAS………

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    I can’t see the “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read” checkbox!!!!

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    okay how the hell do I bring a page that is already translated, like for instance youtube. Every time I go in the search results are messed up. Even if I turn off the translate option, the page is still translated.


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    Who really is Ron Paul ?

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    Well, the only sites i visit is 90% 9% dutch and 1% other languages…
    so ye.

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    why the fuck this piece of shit bar doesn’t disable why? i have disable the fuck out of it and it still annoy the shit out of me it pop up every time fuck this bar FUCK THIS BAR

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    there is no tamil in Automatic Translation in Google Chrome…. tell me about that

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    how to add my tamil language in Automatic Translation in Google Chrome….

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    hahahahahahaha homo !

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    In the 1950s,the surging Cold War demand for English versions of Russian technical documents figured into an exciting belief,held by many computer scientists,that machines could be designed to produce accurate automatic translations.Today,several software programs claim to have accomplished this feat.But just how realistic is their claim?

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    how can I get a translator that works this Google one sure stinks and does anyone at Google read these posts this is a waste of time I see posts 2 or 3 months old here and no answers

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    that does not work

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    the program I went to was in German asked if I wanted to translate to English but it stayed in German —no translation what’s up with this?

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    How do I reset my sites that I have said, never translate this website again?

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    it sucks, cant translate korean

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    Mine won’t recognize German….sucks..
    Is it possible to make it translate in manually?

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    Please help me i don’t understand how to delete translation bar ???

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    use your hand or Chinese handcuffs!

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    just right click a page you want translated.

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    i live in america and it turns the words into fucking Czech, i dont speak czech, fix it bitches

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    ain’t fucking working.
    all the foreign website i visited isn’t translated even after i asked for it to be translated.
    Anyone knows a solution to this problem?

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    Chrome I hate, you’re like a really hot chick with a really annoying laugh.

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    I want this thing to translate every language to English without popping up to ask me every fucking time

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