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CES 2008 SpeechGear Language Translation Software

By admin - Thu May 10, 2:21 am

SpeechGear is a company that is very innovative for their language translation software. They are the experts in translating nearly anything and use military technology to translate the spoken word. Having talked to them in 2007 they have came a long way with their products. I thought translating text was hard these folks take it to a whole new level. This is a series of software products that run on windows mobile operating systems or a standard windows machine. A cool new product they have introduced is called Compadre which is a series of five modules. Compadre Interact™ is the ultimate in bi-directional interactive language translation: you speak to the system, it repeats what you said in a different language. Compadre:Interpreter™ is the next generation of PDA translator, Compadre:Document™ provides quick and accurate translations of Microsoft Office files such as PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. Compadre:Camera™ translates anything you see. Any text that you can scan or take a picture of — signs, menus, documents and more — is translated in seconds. Compadre:Composer™ provides a common translation engine for the entire Compadre product line. This company is delivering some very cool translation software. If you want more information on SpeechGear and info on future special offers please visit www.rawvoiceoffers.com and enter promo code “SpeechGear” or visit www.speechgear.com


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    The VIA II was a wearable computer that was developed by some of the founders of SpeechGear — they left ViA to focus on instant translation products.

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    I hear that the VIA II has these same capabilities. does any body know where i can find information on this product (VIAII)?

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    cool ;)

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