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Help with a bunch of editors?

By admin - Sat May 05, 5:07 am

Question by : Help with a bunch of editors?
I’m part of a Wikiproject (won’t say which), and I didn’t participate much with them, but I added articles to the scope of the project, this and that, and I was working on one article. (Hoping to get it to GA class, but there was a lot of work to be done and no one was helping) I asked someone for feedback, and he helped me by pointing out the bare URLs and I fixed all that. Suddenly, I came back to the article and found that someone had taken down my translations (I had a lot of trouble getting them because I don’t know the language, but someone kindly translated it for me), and pointed me to an Rfc when I asked why. He left a message on my talkpage, and there was this long decision with the editors (I wasn’t on Wikipedia at that time so I had no idea) arguing a lot and insulting each other. And finally they were like, “NO TRANSLATIONS”. Gosh. And no one had talked about film articles, which is my main area of focus.

So another newbie had come to the talk page of the project and asked why his translations were removed. I simply agreed with him, saying mine were taken down too, and I wanted to reopen the discussion. Someone came along and told me to stop my incessant carping. One of the original editors who was in the discussion. They started a new discussion, I tried to join in, but I was simply ignored. Ignored by all. What kind of Wikipedia is this? Just because they discuss, ignore others, and then come up with policies? This is an English Wikipedia, so why not put up English translations? Instead I get told to stop my incessant carping when I only say it once. Two people came up to me and said that.

This isn’t a free Wikipedia at all. I have half a mind to go back to that article and put up the translations again, but I’ll probably start an edit war.

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Answer by Joseph
Like Global Thermonuclear War, the only winning move is not to play at all.

Do you have a life? Then the pathetic losers who rule Wikipedia have already beat you. They can afford to be on Wikipedia practically 24/7 and shoot down anything you say, no matter how much sense it makes. And if you enlist others to help you bring commonsense, that’s called “canvassing” or “meatsocking,” and Wikipedia has some very strictly enforced policies against that kind of thing.

So just forget about it and walk away.

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    You could buy some admin accounts and then force action against those idiot editors. Or you could carefully tailor your additions to obey Wikipedia’s many different contradictory policies. Or you could realize that you have better, more important things to do.

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