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I need to know what language this is!!?

By admin - Sun Apr 29, 9:40 am

Question by ~Rockstar~: I need to know what language this is!!?
I can’t seem to figure out what language this website is in. I’ve tried the “free translation” but it is difficult when I don’t know what to translate to. Please help if you can….thank you!!


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Answer by SillySheep
.hu is for Hungary (like .fr is for France) so it’s possible it’s a Hungarian page.

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    it looks like arab or some middle east language…

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    its Hungarian, i looked it up and I’m pretty sure.

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    Yes, it’s Hungarian… for sure :)

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    Yup, Hungarian.

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    The .hu means the website is from Hungary and
    the website is in Hungarian. It’s a biomagazine.
    Sorry I don’t know enough Hungarian to translate all of it
    for you.
    But I looked up some of the categories for you.
    When you click on one of these you get a
    story and usually a picture.
    For example, the first category is állat= animal.
    I clicked on it and found a story about a bear.
    Here are some of the other categories
    gagyi = chat
    kétkerék= bicycles
    mozi= movie
    rejtvény= mystery
    With each story you get a label.
    The first one is
    a kutya harap = the biting dog.
    Hope that gives you a bit of an idea what
    the website is about. I wish I knew more of
    the language so I could read the articles!

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    Definitely Hungarian

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    its hungarian

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    it isn’t Arabic

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    here you will find language guessers so you can determine the language

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