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Language experts??

By admin - Thu May 03, 5:56 am

Question by mrs.v: Language experts??
I’d like to get something tattooed on the back of my neck, something small– to remember my father by.
I found a couple phrases:

aestuo…… how do you pronounce this and what does it mean? (Please don’t give me the “free online translation”) I’ve already done that– it read ” I burn ” connatatively with passion or desire. That’s something that describes my father. Everything he did in life he did with gusto and passion, he gave everything his all.

And another was
je ne sais quoi
How do you pronounce THAT?
Another phrase that describes my dad well. He drove everyone nuts– he has an extremely STRONG personality. But everyone loved him. You might not know why, but you were drawn to him.

So I really need to know if the definitions I found were accurate and how to pronounce the two phrases!
Thanks for your time, I appreciate it!
sorry aestuo is latin. thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by picador
Aestuo looks like Portugese,which I dont speak.
“Je ne sais quoi” means “I don’t know what” – indicating lack of sufficient knowledge to complete the statement. If you are still interested in that one, it is pronounced
zzuh nuh say kwah.The pronunciation of J does not exist in English . “zz” is sort of halfway between our J and Z.

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    Je ne sais quoi is usually used to define someone who has that something, but it can’t be put into words.

    When it is used in English, I think the play on the language is that is sounds like one word as opposed to a french sentence.

    It literally means “i don’t know what”

    Like my last girlfriend, she definitely had it. When she had an idea trapped in her head, you could not with the best logic or rationale rip it away from her, she followed through on her feelings with such a passion that it kind of drew you into her. She was a friggin nut case, naturally, but that she had that certain je ne sais quoi that for a few months at least made me completely forget about that.

    Not the same situation as your father, but the word is very versatile.

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