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IBM Voice-to-Sign Language Translation Tech

By admin - Thu May 03, 5:56 am

IBM has developed a system called SiSi (Say It Sign It) that automatically converts the spoken word into Sign Language which is then signed by an animated digital character or avatar. This technology has the potential to enable a person giving a presentation in business or education to have a digital character projected behind them signing what they are saying.

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    There’s much better new technology/software also using ASL with more features called mimix
    here is the website mimix.me

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    mimix.me here for asl

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    what a fake smile from 0:07 HAHAHA :D

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    well asl is american sign language. and bsl is British sign language.

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    yes it is.

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    Serious? wow….

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    IBM = Immoral Bastard Movement

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    is BSL british sign language????

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    pretty sweet! do they have anything like that for ASL?

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    Hello Jess..its me…try and guess who this is, muhaha

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    its from england whom deaf use! i am a deaf from england!

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    Heyy JoeyKins :)

    tis Jessicaa Here :P

    u look well funny in tht vid! :)

    ly bruv :)

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    what is bsl mean? i use asl

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    Thanks Pete, I don’t know BSL, only ASL and I assumed…

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    That would be because the signs are BSL, not ASL. I certainly see a “my name” there, though I couldn’t pick out any fingerspelling of “Joe”. Some names have their own signs in BSL though (eg Oliver is holding a bowl, like Oliver Twist) so there might have been a sign for Joe that I didn’t recognise (I’m very much a BSL beginner). It did end with “I like signing”, too.

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    well the signing has to be correct. More than half the time I have used IBM’s voice to speech recognition program it has failed to properly identify the words I say. Also, in this example, I never see the sign language interpreter say “My name is” and then correctly spell the name, which is the appropriate ASL method of introduction. Maybe she’s just so small I can’t make out her signs correctly…

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    You’re a rotten person and I hope your nipples fall off! Also, you smell.

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    This guy is best very good interpreter cool ever see it

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    this is called interpreting…

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    xxx <3

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    Aww, did i upset the retard?

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    Why doesn’t some sign-language practioner person, with a big vocabulary, make a video response saying to all those people who have difficulty thinking about ‘what a third person might be thinking’, what is going on, in this harmless video.
    Such a video would be of no use to all those non-understanding viewers, who have without realising, an inferiority complex.
    Those folk are already eligibe for free N.H.S. psychotherapeutic tutoring; there’s no waiting list.

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    Deaf people should be shot at birth.

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    @trainsforyou there are roughly over a million Deaf people in the uk alone. Add to that the thousands of hearing people who know sign language that makes a fair percentage of the population who can sign. Also the majority of signed programs are put on in the middle of the night so I think it’s only fair that some of the news is signed for them during normal daytime hours and people such as yourself show more respect.

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    I can’t breathe! Adam Buxton needs to do more signing for deaf videos!

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    Under the UK mostly…

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    @trainsforyou “Dear BBC, why do ” Because we’re civilised people capable of compassion?

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    Hilarious!! Proper laugh out loud stuff

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    82 deaf and dumb people watched this.

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    WHAT THE FUCK?????

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    ever heard “Closed Captions” ??

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    @trainsforyou why would deaf people have to watch people talking ..same thing, idiot.

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    @trainsforyou a few hundred? ignorant idiot. there are thousands and thousands of dead people in the UK!

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    this is Monty Python funny. it doesn’t need to make sense to be comedy gold!!!

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