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Jibbigo! iPhone app language translation

By admin - Thu May 03, 1:29 am

Jibbigo also translates Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, and Thai! It’s also available for Android:) English / Spanish version I was using in this video: itunes.apple.com More info on Jibbigo’s website: www.jibbigo.com ** MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS ‪youtube.com ‪youtube.com ‪youtube.com ‪youtube.com youtube.com READ MY BLOG: ‪ijustine.com‬ iJUSTINE TSHIRTS! ‪http LET’S BE FRIENDS: ‪twitter.com ‪dailybooth.com ‪facebook.com ‪myspace.com **
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    I talk spanish hola

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    make a review about taple run

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    me gusta si hablas español

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    iJustine’s iPhone: “Thursday happiness comes to them”

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    @josephpomar I’d easily believe that dude! I’ve picked up some good Spanish from this app too!

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    It translates instantly on mine…

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    @AirOutsideThSheepPen … structure and cross-language grammar rules) the more inaccurate the translations are bound to be so stick to basic sentences and then the more confident you get with spanish the better.. If you’re really determined you could take notes and try to identify patterns in rules of the language!

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    @AirOutsideThSheepPen get it for free from installous by jailbreaking then.. It’s bound to not be completely 100% accurate.. Google translate isn’t a lot of the time either.. I know this from using it when talking to foreign people using it.. However my free copy if jibbigo works fine and I’ve taught myself a decent amount using it.. The more familiar you get with Spanish the more you can alter translations to make them correct and check them but the more complex the sentences (due to sentence

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    i just wish it wasn’t so slow when translating the worlds
    every second counts

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    ok, i actually did read that too fast. a sandwich of store….even less accurate than i just mentioned….clearly not worth almost $30

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    tienda de sandwich is actually correct. if you were to say something like “Justine’s iPhone” it would be “el iPhone de Justine”
    The translated phrase on the screen actually reads. I am to find a sandwich store. Which means that the voice recording will not always be accurate since she said that much more clearly than a lot of people would…The best way to translate would be Estoy buscando una tienda de sandwich. Hope you find your sandwich store Justine!!

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    R u kidding me that app cost more than a pair of pants

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    i went to spain for summer vacation.

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    ¡Yo ya puedo hablar español!

    Great review by the way! :D

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    i love that app I’ve had for a few months and because of this app i passed my spanish class!! love this app!!

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    tagalog!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!111

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    did any one noticed it translated the first frase to “i’m looking for a store made of sandwich”?

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    haha awesome app!

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    She paid 25 dollars!!!!!!

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    Yo puedo hablar español

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    you can get google translate, it also records your voice, and plays the translation, and even better its for FREE!!! plz thumbs up so every1 can c this!!!!!!

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    I bought a free app for translating Korean. The voice option was 99. Cents. It worked okay most of the time. This was 4.99 and the voice option doesn’t not work for me, but at least it translates what the other app will not

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    lovely eyes!

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    this would help me in tagalog so i can speak too cos i can fluently understand but speaking isnt good cos i speam tagalog/english and its a bit its choppy yknow what i mean jobys?! ;DX

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    i might be able to cheat on my french tests now

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    Who and where to arrange this summer on furlough, portion your information.

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