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Translate by Bing for Windows Phone 7 – Walk Through

By admin - Mon Aug 13, 11:49 am

Translate by Bing for Windows Phone 7 - Walk Through

translate by Bing www.windowsphone.com www.netbooknews.com Microsoft has updated one of their Translation apps to with the ability to live-translate anything on the fly. All you have to do is point your phone at a sign, and the translation, in the language you prefer, will appear.


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    Is that app “Translate This” By Dmitry Kazarin in the description the right one? I don’t think it is, it was released over a year ago and its not under Microsoft Corporation. @minipcpro

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    That is not simplified Chinese, it’s traditional Chinese!

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    The translation is nearly crap but as you said nearly all translating apps have this quality. What I really like to have on my meego phone is the camera translator. That’s really cool.

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    I think you’re right, it’s meant for menus not for real text…which isn’t a bad thing

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    I think the issue is that you have the camera too far away. It’ can’t pick up on all those those words at the same time.

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    Good review btw)

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    Are you pleased with that sausage?

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    2:30 oben rechts Sperma?

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    :) no worries, you guys do some really nice presentations of interesting products.

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    wo ist die wurst bitte :D

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    done! Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Whenever you write about a WP7 app, always put the link from the Marketplace in your YouTube video description so that other people don’t just search for translator and find a gazillion other translator apps. Thx for the post btw :)

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    It’ll be interesting to see how this app evolves!

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