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What do you think about the new “translation” coming out? (NIV#2)?

By admin - Fri Aug 17, 6:21 am

Question by veronika: What do you think about the new “translation” coming out? (NIV#2)?
They are allegedly changing some of the sexist language by eliminating masculine pronouns and nouns.

Convenient isn’t it?

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Answer by Clint
Exactly why I use the KJV.

What do you think? Answer below!


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    I think there are to many people in the church being influenced by man in the name of tolerance than sticking with the absolute authority of God’s Word.

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    Just what we needed – another translation to add to the already huge amount of confusion.

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    Each “new edition ” of the Bible always carries the bias of that versions editor.

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    They need to stop changing it.

    If it’s supposed to be such an awesome book, it should have one true translation.

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    Actually, some of the masculine pronouns used in English translations aren’t in the Greek. Many times Greek will have a phrase like “the one who” that has very often been translated as “he who” in English Bibles.

    I’m all for accuracy in translation, but I have yet to see any English translation that does a good job. Every commonly available one I have found has many errors, mostly to bring the translation into doctrinal conformity with the sponsoring church or institution.

    Edit: Some years back, the American Bible Society came out with the Contemporary English Version (CEV) which they billed as a “faithful translation.” They sent me two copies for review (I can read the original languages, and have published a modern English translation of the NT). I was disgusted with the CEV… this “faithful translation” was neither faithful nor a translation, but one of the worst paraphrases I had ever seen. I sent them a long list containing verses from the CEV that completely ignored the Hebrew and Greek, but instead paraphrased it… and didn’t even do that well. I judge any new translation I find by the same criteria: the Hebrew and Greek texts. Not even the KJV is fully faithful to those texts.

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    I would rather not change language. Enough has probably been lost in translation already to the KJV. I happen to like the KJV which doesn’t take much effort to understand and I feel like the meaning is deeper.

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    Great. More Bibles. Joyous.

    If women complained and had things changed, do you think that if whores complained, the Bible would release a new issue that gave Mary a better name? What if Egyptians complained? Would they recall the Bibles to give the evil pharoahs a good name? If you appease one group, you have to appease them all. Honestly, the book sucks, you don’t need to petition the church to make a crappy book less sexist.

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    I said it before and I will say it again. People will alter the Bible to suite their own beliefs or agendas. Here’s a question will St. Paul’s verses in the Bible about women not being allowed to preach in church be removed?

    Rv 22:18-19

    I warn everyone who hears the prophetic words in this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words in this prophetic book, God will take away his share in the tree on life and in the holy city described in this book.

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    Funny, but someone just quoted (or maybe invented) Thomas Jefferson saying that “the christian plague…”

    I remember not so long ago, someone said something similar – if not identical – in refference to the jews.

    Why would ONE be right an dthe OTHER wrong? or vice-versa?

    Should not BOTH positions be wrong? The commentary reflected as much ignorance on the side of Jefferson, Hitler ot the guy answering this site.

    The SAME mentality is reflected in those new”translations” (if you can call something THAT biased a “translation”). Shouldn’t “interpretation” be a better title?

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    It’s the End…. as predicted in Revealations ch 13 “the whole chapter…. It makes sense for it to be soon if it’s gonna be any,, people are “blind” “numb” to the actions of others when at a time someone would help another now we keep to ourselves we overlook some ones faults because of their “Fame” or their Professional ability,,, We are either Overly Forgiving Or Forgetful,,,, I talk as if I’ve never been in trouble and thats not true but if some one can commit a “Felony” on camera and get away with it then why can’t the average person get a job with one ? I know people that have been Barred from Employment…………….
    People are Ready for a New World Order……. they are silent to the Facts and the Truth…………

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    If it is changed those who have a hand in it will have to answer to God for tampering with and changing God’s holy words

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    It’s not really convenient IF done carefully and conservatively. They’ve already done the too-much-inclusive-language thing. It’s called the TNIV.

    So, in fact this revision is *bound* to use **less** conservative language than the extremely unpopular TNIV. It is convenient for the publisher and its profits – but not in the way that you seem to mean. Last time (TNIV), they foolishly decided to produce a politically correct translation that did not appeal to their huge existing customer base (no doubt in hopes of attracting customers outside of their existing customer base). This time, I feel certain that they will *not* make that same mistake. They will be concentrating on regaining all of the customers that they have lost to the ESV.

    I think that we’ll find the NIV2 to be firmly in the Green section here – notice where we see the TNIV!


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