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ATA Was the Most Brand of English Educational Institutions in the Special Prize-ATA-Education Indust

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ATA Was the Most Brand of English Educational Institutions in the Special Prize-ATA-Education Indust – Business

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2010 5 13, “determined to explore the development of innovative ‘most influential English brand Education Recommended activities of industry bodies’ awards ceremony “was held in Beijing. The State Council Information Office of the Deputy Secretary for Chen Hsiao-lin 1, the state Department of Higher Education Director of the Division of liberal arts education, Death Penalty State-wide Director of Basic Education, Education Qiao Yu, China Daily Vice editor in chief of King West China, China Daily reported that twenty-first century the English department and editor of Nie Lisheng More than 300 English language education Expert Scholars, publications, training, Test Education Electronic, Study and translation services leadership, English teachers attended the awards ceremony. Publicity through the media publicity, the community voted and Expert The Committee’s final assessment, the largest of the professional examinations and related services provider ATA Inc. finalists from more than 120 stand out, won the “most influential education industry, like the brand,” Special Award. The evaluation recommended by the China Daily English language education in the twenty-first century media, “A 21st Century English Education Week” and 21 English website host, the Chinese Society of Education Foreign Language Teaching Commission, the National Elementary Foreign Language Education Research and Training Center, Bilingual Education Council of the National Experimental School, Translators Association of China, China Teaching Equipment Industry Association, China Electronic Education, 21st Century Education Research Institute, British Council (Cultural and Education Section of Chinese Embassy), and the U.S. Educational Testing Service as a guide units participated in the contest, the joint participation of many authorities is not only 60 years of English education in a parade, also set the impartiality of this selection, the authority and universality. China Daily, Wang Xi-Min, deputy editor at the awards ceremony speech, said that in the past 60 years, China’s English education and the development of the motherland with a common fate, the long history of writing in a beautiful chapter, has scored brilliant achievement. 300,000,000 people’s enthusiasm makes the English English education status was raised to unprecedented heights. Selected the “most influential brand of English education industry sector” in the tide of the times brave the leading role, center stage, led the development of the industry’s direction, opened up a new era in English education. ATA on behalf of Mr. Wang Lin, President of “the most influential brand of English education industry, like” Special Prize winners issued a speech. Mr. Wang Lin said that as China’s largest, the only in the U.S. Nasdaq-listed professional examinations and related services provider, ATA company is committed to promoting China’s English education, especially vocational English ability evaluation and examination the cause of development. To this end, in March 2009 ATA with Educational Testing Service (ETS) contract Cooperation Officially become the TOEIC (TOEIC) China Management Centre, the TOEIC Test (TOEIC) in this world renowned, 30-year history of the world with the authority of the Occupational English Test in China pushed the “fast track.” Cooperation over the past year, ATA companies full play to the test Technology, Channel, operation and service advantages, with a number of years service exam sponsor candidates and tens of millions of Chinese experience, has been an increasing number of Chinese government departments, trade organizations, enterprises of the world’s authoritative assessment of workplace English standards and human resource management assessment tools; to provide a more convenient Chinese candidates, complete, personalized test services, continued to improve the TOEIC (TOEIC) in the China region recognition and influence, a strong impetus to TOEIC (TOEIC) in mainland China’s development and localization process. At present, the TOEIC (TOEIC) exam test centers, registration network covers most of China’s cities, can well meet the registration of candidates across the country, reference needs. This not only makes more and more Chinese candidates to the TOEIC (TOEIC) test the value and advantages, but also for the international development of Chinese enterprises to provide a world authority on English in the Workplace Talent Evaluation, management tools and standards. National Director of Basic Education, Education Qiaoyu all that The poll has a wide range of popular and historical importance, will drive the industry benchmark for enterprise, with excellent English language education products and services, publicity and promotion, the promotion of industry market further improve and standardize, the depth of understanding for the development of the industry situation and forecast its future development will also play an important role in guiding. Believe in this event to promote English education industry, China will emerge more and more of the world’s English education brand; in winning business, led by English education in China and will also usher in a new leap-forward development.

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