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Blue pigeon Group Exhibition 59th dominance of teaching equipment – language lab – Education Industr

By admin - Thu Jun 21, 4:22 pm

by Asia Society | Partnership for Global Learning

Article by hi joiney

Blue pigeon Group Exhibition 59th dominance of teaching equipment – language lab – Education Industr – News – Business News

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April 26, 2010 to 30 by the China Educational Instrument & Equipment Association, Yiwu, Zhejiang Provincial Education Department and the Municipal Government of The 59th China Teaching Equipment Exhibition In Yiwu International Expo Center. The exhibition a comprehensive educational technology at home and abroad show the latest achievements of exhibitors, booth number to achieve new breakthroughs in history. In addition to the conventional synthesis, exhibition booth, but also set up special Digital Educational resources, vocational education, higher education, pre-school and school clothing exhibition, and to match the new curriculum reform of scientific exploration and exhibition of digital laboratory. Attracted from all over the administrative departments, educational technology sector, related school management, Government Procurement Personnel, teaching equipment dealers, and international trade buyers. Appearance of many well-known dress manufacturer, in which Blue pigeon Group will also show people the most advanced technology and equipment.

Blue pigeon group Raw Space 1994 10 months, the Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Blue Pigeon “Guangzhou Baiyun Guangzhou Park Computer Technology Development Department” was incorporated. Blue pigeon’s first five-year plan (1994-1998) developed by the Engineering Products and realized users to share.

2007 2 months, stationed in blue pigeon own industry, located in Guangzhou, Chong Road Private Section Park Branch at the blue pigeon Guangzhou Science Park, which is the fourth blue pigeon headquarters. Blue pigeon’s Third Five-Year Plan (2004-2009) will be the local high-tech enterprise companies point to the national re-tech enterprise group of listed companies direction. Achieve brand share.

Blue Dove Blue Dove chain company after a decade of innovation, not only from a small engineering company into a leading enterprise of education technology industry, but also from development Audio-visual Product development to build three-dimensional foreign language education technology, including the three major industries of the industrial chain, and three industrial chain has its own core.

Blue pigeon Group Raw Space One is represented by the digital language lab hardware chain that, with the world’s leading high-fidelity network technology, triple-play technology, hardware technology to ensure high ground; in 2000, invented the first blue pigeon Digital Multimedia Language Lab, received a national invention patent. Later, digital language lab is included in the National Torch Program. To revitalize the national economy and save foreign exchange made an outstanding contribution; the same time, people realized the blue pigeon “for the glory of China” ideal.

Second, ” Campus Network Language learning platform “for the representatives of educational software chain to related resources and search technology as the core software technologies to ensure the high ground of blue pigeons; in 2004, blue pigeons first to offer campus-based network platform for language learning, the first time in the “establishment of a virtual campus online foreign language college” concept, so that the campus network hardware platform has been a real application, the network of teaching and discipline to achieve an organic combination of teaching. successfully taken a foreign language teaching from the “out of the classroom, to campus “pace. blue dove through the campus network platform for language learning foreign language education from teaching to the test to learn all aspects of management, includes eight modules, thousands of applications, is a history of foreign language teaching software development technology content, and the largest, contains the features most extensive application of the most comprehensive and integrated software platform. The platform is not only the foreign language teaching in schools tailored to professional software, and embedded advanced teaching concepts and teaching mode, contains a large number of foreign language teaching resources while providing a virtual foreign language teaching and learning environment, teaching characteristics to establish a platform for professional disciplines, and more than 300 colleges and universities across the country were widely used, has been well received.

Third, satellite digital TV “remedial English” TV channel, represented by Foreign Language Teaching chain. In 2006, the blue pigeon with the National Radio and Television Department, Guangdong TV co-host of the central digital TV?? Remedial English Channel, and adopted the official satellite broadcast in Asia on the 4th, which is a whole country, the whole of society the big stage of English learning, thus, they realized the blue pigeon “English learning by the school to the whole society,” the third leap. The channel has developed more than 500 million viewers users, for large, medium, students and the community of English lovers authority of the professional learning platform, users can get English teaching experts without leaving home professional counseling, guidance currently in English Channel set up 16 columns, informative rich, vivid novel form, bringing together elite style with a full teacher style, integration of multi-discipline, multi-cultural show has become loved by the second class of English learners, and will gradually become a blue pigeon important pillar of the future development of enterprises. Since then, the English language learning is not limited to the classroom and school, learning English has become a big thing-oriented society.

59th China Teaching Equipment Exhibition is the international trade and business city in full display characteristics of a modern education, scientific and cultural feast, its rich technology content, the presentation of an unprecedented scale, and show the process that we can feel Zhejiang to the tremendous development of education outcomes, it is the teachers and students, within and outside the industry to expect to be concerned.

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