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Can you do a double major in music and a foreign language?

By admin - Thu May 10, 2:22 am

Question by Abengresdf: Can you do a double major in music and a foreign language?
I know I want to study music and composition(specializing in 20th century music), but I also am interested in German. Is it realistic to try for both in college? If so, what are any drawbacks/limitations on what I can do with my music?

I also asked this question in the “University Education” category, but I thought I would try here as well, since there are probably some language majors here.

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Answer by Huang
How about this: Can you sing songs in foreign languages?!

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    It depends on the university. Where I live, Music and Modern Languages can often be found in the same faculty/department of a university: the Liberal Arts. If this is the case for your chosen institution, then you can probably apply for a Liberal Arts degree with a double-major in Music and German. In some other universities though, these two programs are located separately; Music might be in the Fine Arts Department for example, while Languages is in either Social Sciences or Humanities. If so, you’ll have to find out about your university’s policy on double-majors, Some institutions only allow a double-major within the same department/faculty, while others will allow you to double-major between faculties or even between universities/colleges (if there is a joint program between both).

    Taking two programs at once doesn’t really limit which courses in either program you can take; it just means that you have less space for electives and will need more timetable slots for the prerequisite courses of both programs. I’m sure you can handle a double-major just fine. If anything, you can try out the intro courses during your first year, and then change your mind as necessary before or during your second year.

    Just to be sure, I recommend that you contact your university’s liaison or advising office, or even your high school guidance counsellor to make sure that your plans are doable. Best of luck!

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    Most definitely! I am also currently double majoring in two quite unrelated subject areas – Nursing and Russian Studies. While it also doubles the total amount of classes to complete and will make my grand total of years spent at the university a whopping 7, it has been very do-able and worth it so far! The answer above me is correct in saying that each university has different policies regarding double majoring. Fortunately, mine allows this and I have taken full advantage. You just need to figure out how many credits/classes are feasible for you personally to take each semester and be sure not to overload on them in an effort to speed through the two majors as quickly as possible. This is what I tried my first year of college, and it just set me up for disaster since I was so busy with work as well.

    So, as long as you are OK with the extra year(s) you will most likely will need to spend in college, it is a very realistic and worthwhile idea. Regardless of what you’d like to do with your music after graduating, employers are always more interested in hiring people with skills in another language, and understanding of other cultures. Also, a lot of classical music was composed by Germans! Ok, so now I’m just rambling…but the main point is to go for it, because languages lead you down so many paths and work with almost any career you may have in the future, in ways that may surprise you! :)

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