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Has the concept of higher education been erased from modern society?

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Question by : Has the concept of higher education been erased from modern society?
Today, the only college degrees that guarantee employment after graduation are math and computer related degrees, everything else is useless. Doesn’t seem like “higher education” to me, Universities might as well just become vocational tech schools if the only information that counts in this society is math and computers. If I want to study philosophy, become a linguist, historian, geologist, paleontologist or even an anthropologist – good luck finding a job! How sad is that? what has modern society come to? Knowledge that revolves around humanity, science and history is irrelevant, and only math and computers matters. The only “science” that matters is anything that revolves around building machines that 9 times out of 10 do not improve the lives of humans. In fact, the biggest employer for scientific fields is the military and weapons manufacturers.
Oh you wanted to study ancient plants? too bad. You wanted to trace early homosapien DNA and match it to modern man? too bad. You wanted to study all the known human languages and record the evolution of human speech? Nope! now off you go to McDonalds for your minimum wage paycheck.
EDIT: I just want everyone to know that I messaged the great philosopher Zaphod_Beeblebrox asking him to further explain his position, maybe give me a little more insight into what industries aside from weapons manufacturers look for science graduates. Also asked him why he think i’m lazy, and he responded by calling me a psycho and blocked me. A total and complete cop-out. An absolute joke of a coward. These are the kind of people who drag our world down and lower the standard of humanity overall. They act righteous and intelligent, but the second you question them they promptly insult you and run away like a coward. I see right through you Zaphod, and I feel terribly embarrassed for your sake.

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Answer by Mutant_Genome
Right now the economy is still in a slump, which means employers are hiring less and firing more! Even fast food and retail employers are having to make sacrifices, which unfortunately means that, if you get the job, you’re going to need to pull more weight, without getting the extra pay.

A higher education may not guarantee employment, but it opens up a whole new world of possibilities… the thing is, that most companies look for previous work experience, so if you can’t find a way to gain experience by employment or apprenticeships or internships… etc… you’re less likely to get the job. What’s unfortunate about that is that you can’t always find someone who is willing to take you on, and even if you can, if you’re not going to be getting paid for it… you can’t always afford the time.

For some of the things you’ve listed, like studying ancient plants, or recording the evolution of human speech… there aren’t an outstanding number of employers, or even a very significant number of people who truly care. If it’s important to you, you may have to do the work on your own time, and hope that your work will one day be recognized… Dreams don’t always come easily, you’ve got to work for it, whether that means saving every penny you can spare for ten or even twenty years, or that you’ve gotta make your passion a hobby for now, work with something else, and hope you won’t have ended up wasting all of your spare time…

People too often think their dreams are dead, just because they’re unwilling to do what it takes to accomplish them. Guess what. If you’re not willing to work for your dreams, if you aren’t willing to do what needs to be done, and try to progress your dreams, even if it means going through some discomfort, or waiting a few more years to carry it out… then you’re the one who killed it, and nobody else can be blamed.

You should have just added all of that to your question, to begin with. I hate to say, but if you’re going to rant about it on your question, perhaps he was right.

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    “Everything else is useless”

    FALSE. There are dozens of useful college degrees that lead to employment. True, there is never a guarantee of employment, and some of those fields you mentioned do not have good employment prospects for those with undergraduate degrees. Want to be employed as a Paleontologist? Get as PhD.

    “Science and history is irrelevant”

    FALSE. College grads with many other science degrees are highly sought after by industry. And if history is irrelevant, explain all the history teachers there are and all the history books that get published.

    Stop complaining. Where there’s as will there’s a way. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to expend on pursuing a career that you want to have and how many other things you are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. Be a survivor, not a victim. It sounds to me like you’re a lazy pessimist who wants the world handed to you on a plate.

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    hello there, i don’t think i can adequately answer your question or dispute the fact that finding gainful employment is becoming increasingly difficult. no doubt about it. what i would say (as a person who pursued further education which did not end up leading to a job in that particular area) is that education is worth it for its own sake and the journey of discovery is its own reward. it is a journey which will transform you.

    if there is a particular field of study which you are passionate about, go for it! who knows, with a little luck (and perhaps some amount of networking and moving in the relevant circles), you might end up being one of the fortunate ones who is able to distinguish him or herself in their field. i mean, people are still making a good living from star-gazing (look at brain cox). at best, you get to be involved in work which you find extremely rewarding and get to make a living out of it (don’t forget there’s always teaching), or, if things don’t work out that way, you have to consider taking other employment (in order to live responsibly) but you still have the opportunity to pursue your interest on a more informal basis (which is what i do), through continuing to educate yourself, getting involved in voluntary activities, meeting regularly with like-minded people who share your passion and so on (you’d be amazed at how much there is available for people who are interested as well as motivated). life can still be fulfilling intellectually, emotionally, (and other ‘ally’s even when it’s a bit of a struggle financially).

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    For education to be real ‘education’, and not just training, it shouldn’t be about finding employment. Many people get degrees these days but few people, even those with degrees, understand what ‘education’ really means.

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