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How Learning a New Language Can Benefit You

By admin - Fri Jul 20, 10:41 am

by University of Maryland Press Releases

Article by David Nash

How Learning a New Language Can Benefit You – Business

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Have you ever been turned down for a job due to a language barrier? Is it difficult for you to find work in your area, because you are only fluent in one language? Not only can learning a new language help you better communicate with customers, but it may also make you more marketable to potential employers.

How Learning a New Language Can Benefit You
In order to successfully learn a new language, one must first understand the origin of the language itself and the areas in which it is prevalent. There a many languages that will benefit individuals in a variety of countries, states and career settings. Whether you are currently employed or are seeking work, learning a new language can add depth to an average resume and can open up new opportunities that were not previously available. Many companies look for individuals who are fluent in more than one language and can even work as interpreters, as required by law for companies.

Learning a New Language in Various Career Fields
Initially, one may think that learning a new language will only benefit those who directly deal with clients and customers in other countries. However, corporation employees may benefit from learning a new language for training in cultural aspects, while employees within education fields may use other languages to communicate with students in a more efficient manner. Not to mention, government and military personnel can use these skills to create opportunities for further advancement as well as more diverse career options.

Tips for Language Classes and Education
Before people sign up to learn a new language they should first consider what type of course would best benefit their needs (whether they want to learn for personal or business-related use). Each course is specialized the meet the needs of certain career fields, such as government and military personnel, corporation employees, educational employees or language for personal use. These classes consist of learning that is done either face-to-face or online at the student’s convenience. Cultural consultations and learning assessments are also offered to the trainees. Certain institutions also offer GSA approved language courses and language courses that cater to the needs of children and teens.

As one can see, learning a new language is a complete journey rather than just a short-lived trend. Individuals who seek out language education can open new doors in their career goals, educational aspirations and even personal endeavors. Learning a new language can make individuals more marketable to potential employees who are looking for well-rounded, career-driven candidates. In fact, speaking multiple languages can give potential employees an edge over other competitors. With all of these benefits, why not start learning a new language today?

About the Author

David Nash is a local writer from south Jersey with an interest in small business.

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David Nash

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