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I am finding a job in canada, ontario. If any one have any vacancies please inform me!!?

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Question by mgwsuraweera: I am finding a job in canada, ontario. If any one have any vacancies please inform me!!?
this is my resume


I am
MSc degree in a quantitative field and 15+ years experience in Policy, Planning, Statistics and Information Management at an apex body of a country-wide public education system. Experience as Head of the department of Planning and Management Information System for 5+ years and another 10+ years in educational research, statistics and planning. Strong computer skills including MS Office, Statistical software SAS and SPSS, Database solutions Access, SQL Server 2000, My SQL, Web based Solutions and Programming languages Java, PHP, Visual Basic, HTML.
And searching a job of “IT” OR “Education” feild


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Answer by ¤§The¤Cat’s¤Meow§¤
Good luck! I hope you find a job!

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    You are taking a shot gun approach, throwing as many mudballs on the wall and hoping something will stick.

    Contrary to what heard or know, people are not waiting for job offer to hand it to you on a silver platter. Search, do the homework on the company and approach them directly. No one here can offer you a job on the spot………!!.

    If you think that is possible – then you are quite naive about the job market in Canada or USA.

    Do some homework on the job markets and Good luck.

    Oh, one more thing: Please, please, please…. do spell check on your question and write correct, grammatical King’s English. That’s a first step.

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    I wish I could help you finding a job in that area, but here are some suggestions:

    Networking – Register at your local Unemployment Office (you don’t need to be on unemployment to register for their assistance). They often will have networking groups on a regular basis. They also are a good source for the jobs that never show up in the paper or online.

    Check your local paper — In many cases the paper’s classified are now online.

    Search Smart Online — If you don’t have a lot of time, spend most of your time at sites that aggregate the job feeds from several job search engines. Prominently these include indeed.com and thingamajob.com.

    Organization — I use a free online application that allows you to track your ads, jobs you apply for, send or print mail merged correspondence, and track your job search history. This site is jobsearchlog.com and it has been very useful to me, please go and check it out!

    Good Luck,



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