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is community college “publicly funded adult education”?

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Question by : is community college “publicly funded adult education”?
i need to change into a student visa but on US govenment website it said I can’t get visa proved from “”publicly funded adult education”, the definition is The law prohibits the issuance of F-1 visas to attend publicly funded adult education programs. Publicly funded adult education is defined as:

“education, training or English as second language programs operated by, through, or for a local public school district, system, agency or authority, regardless of whether such a program charges fees or tuition.”Programs under this definition can not accept students in F-1 status, even if tuition is charged.

so are community college or tech schools “publicly funded adult education”?thanks.

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Answer by Mickey D
I don’t believe a community college fits that definition as long as you are enrolling as a normal student. Technical schools are different, although they still don’t seem to fit the definition of “adult education.”

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    The numbers of people studying in publicly-funded adult education has dropped by a quarter in the last four years, according to figures published by the Conservatives.
    At least 1.3m places funded via the Learning and Skills Council have disappeared since 2003-04 and this decline has hit every region, says the shadow skills secretary David Willetts.
    “The government failed to prepare Britain for the tough times whilst the economy was growing.

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