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08:24 pm - Friday 12 February 2016

Jonathan asked: “What features increase the quality of a Translation?”?

By admin - Thu May 03, 1:29 am

Question by Hrēodbēorð: Jonathan asked: “What features increase the quality of a Translation?”?
His full question a day ago was “What features increase the quality of a Translation? Translation of a book
what increases up the possibility of publishing a translated book/>”

I replied: “I have tried to read multiple translations of Cervantes’ “Don Quixote,” for example, by literary hacks who think the most important element of translation is preciseness, and when they couldn’t find the right word or phrase they just threw up their hands and left the words in the original Spanish (in italics, at least). The same applies to many versions of Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo” and Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” except in French.

“Then at last I found translations of these books that brought them to English life, which is very difficult with “Don Quixote” due to the rhyming, and books I thought I’d never read opened up to me. The key, I realized from my knowledge of French, is the translator knowing the other language as well as his own, as that is the only way to understand the words and terms that don’t translate (idiomatic speech). When you are good enough to know how to translate “merde alors” from French to English (to use a crude and poor example off the top of my head), you’ll understand the language.

“And by the way, my step sister once said, after visiting Paris for an extended trip, that she knew she was becoming fluent when she could eavesdrop.”

Jonathan, maybe because I was the only person to reply, chose my answer Best but rated it one star with a row of question marks below it. If you read this, Jonathan, my question is what didn’t you understand? THE QUALITY OF THE TRANSLATION “INCREASES UP” (REDUNDANT) THE ODDS OF BEING PUBLISHED. I might have added that the higher the translator’s education and more experience he or she has in the field help, given the abundance of professionals in the field, whether they be masterful, mediocre or cretinous.

Also, Jonathan, a legitimate source of quasi-self-publishing that is available to new authors or writers now is the uprise of online publishers that contract to distributors such as Amazon, e.g., CreateSpace [https://www.createspace.com/Login.do;jsessionid=AF07AC62258F3B1258A16C000B845A35.cspworker05]. Unless you opt for one of their special package deals, it costs nothing and you design the book yourself from cover to text-style and content. When your translation is ready, you have to make a PDF to upload to their site (be sure you have established your rights to translate or copyright the work, as the case may be, beforehand). The royalties are much higher than print book publishers because of the low-cost, on-demand nature of e-books.

Has this answered your question better, or anyone else’s?


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Answer by Kathryn W
Frankly, it reads like an advertisement for CreateSpace.

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