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Operator does not pro-language sales channels do not love day “is cottage” – day language

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Since 2002 into a low profile


Since the industry, which experienced a four-year “dark” days, Tianyu took five years to finally “day language” caused by domestic mobile phone brand in the boss fight. This “dark horse” in the 2007 market share of over 5%, more than


Become a leader of domestic mobile phone brands, sold more than 17 million terminal. In 2008, the day the phone language


Amounted to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars, in 2008 the volume reached 24 million.

Sources, day language mobile phone sales in 2009, only about 10 million, with sales of about 5.0 billion. Market research firm iSuppli in February this year, a study published report that day language in 2009 is still the largest domestic market share of local enterprises in China, but Lenovo,


, OPPO and other domestic manufacturers have little difference.

March of the latest sales data shows that the association with the fourth day of only 0.2% of the gap between words. From this data we draw a guess: day language mobile phone sales in 2009 compared to 2008, have fallen sharply, showing a declining trend, at any time be replaced by other trends in domestic brands. The domestic mobile phone “one brand” Why is there such a big change?

Picture shows the days of English phone brand identity

Operator Market: Quality questions lead to “incompatibility”

2009 year, Chinese mobile phone industry since the issuance of 3G licenses usher in a new opportunity, a huge demand for 3G mobile phones also allow the opportunity to see the domestic mobile phone enterprises, especially with the operators of customization.

This model sold by the operator and can be customized operator subsidies, so more competitive, but also to the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and international brands on the same starting line for “Competition.” Day language this phone also attached considerable importance, from April 2009 began to cooperate with China Mobile customized products, joined 2009


Ev-do camp. Such a huge effort to show the carrier market day on the language than the traditional channels of social status is more important to treat.

From the long-term strategic considerations, the day of the selected phone language understandable, but the move has not brought success to-day language. Introduced a variety of languages day

3G mobile phone

, But most products can not be recognized by operators, this one very important reason for this is difficult to achieve the quality of day language mobile operator requirements. We got the inside operator news day language of the products in the detection of carriers within the appraisal, the product generally can not achieve the “excellent” and “good” rating, just barely in the “pass” level, and even some of the machine difficult to achieve qualified, and so the resulting operator phone language in the procurement concerns many days, the actual implementation is much less than the tender amount.

Alleged to have been high hopes for the T300-day language is difficult to be accepted China Mobile

Such a result, the days of anti-English abrupt no hurry, resulting in decreased product quality due to over-control your phone costs-day language in 2009, the average cost per day of language phone at 400 neurons, which makes the phone appear soft material , components such issues as the weak material. In the social channels, the danger of such consequences are not immediately apparent, but the channel operators, it has become a deadly obstacle, the direct consequences is the operator of the language is not a cold day, dragged down its sales in 2009 .

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