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Q&A: Do you think teens should be taught “safe sex” or “sex education”?

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by willfree

Question by Leonardo: Do you think teens should be taught “safe sex” or “sex education”?
What are they supposed to do with theri sexual impulses. Their hormones are raging and excuse my language but they are horny as hell so what do we teach them?

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Answer by darkjagdwolf
They should be taught both.

Sorry but just because we are the highest form of animal life on this planet does not mean we are still not animals. But even animals can be taught to behave and control themselves.

You can not stop hormones from happening. You can explain what to do to control those impulses and what the ramifications are of those impulse.

Ignorance of the parent thinking that it should not be taught is in itself a failure on the part of the parent.

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    Along with sex education, we teach them responsibity. Every choice one make creates an inescapable consequence. A consequence that will be part of your life for the rest of your life. By your choices you are molding who/what you are and will be.
    Of course if we fail to teach them what they need, there is a backup system. It is called life. Life however is not always a gentle teacher.

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    Yes! There should be no underage unready prenancy that can ruin the child’s life. Sex education is the way to go.

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    I know you’ll find this hard to believe but once upon a time the large majority of teens controlled their sexual impulsives. Why the current generation thinks that this can’t be done is beyond me.

    Wouldn’t ‘safe sex’ be part of sex education — it’s not a matter of one or the other.

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    They definitely should be taught both.

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    Yes, they should be taught that. Teens are so involved with dating today, that they need to know more about making out.

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    Although I think they should be taught both, they are beyond “Sexual education” at least for the most of them. When my daughter asked my granddaughters One is 7 one is 10 about sex, they both knew much more then they should, so, maybe “safe sex”
    Their teacher now takes them aside and explains this to them in class. The older one now teaches the younger one. She was told, mom would do that. But, that’s what happens.

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    Good sex education includes safe sex. Abstinence only “sex education” has been shown time and again to be ineffective in its goal of decreasing sexual involvement. Teaching responsibility, and respecting the capacity of young people to be responsible, is the method that will work best. We should teach comprehensive sexual education to all students that covers not only the biology, but the psychological and personal impact of sexual involvement, and ways in which to keep safe if they make that choice. Simply saying – “this is sex, DON’T DO IT!!” will not solve what society has identified as the problem with teen sexual involvement.

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    yes, now a days unwed mothers are getting younger and younger and it’s alarming. If they are taught somehow they will be very much aware of the so called thing safe sex.

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    I believe in saving yourself until marriage, but most teens will do it before anyways so you might as well teach them “safe sex”.

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