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Sharon L. Burton Explores Diversity Issues, Including Bullying, in Latest Book

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Wilmington, Delaware (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Diversity: Just What Is It and Why Does it Keep Changing? released April 2010, after author, Sharon L. Burton, saw, heard, and experienced diversity issues, to include bullying.

The characters in the book represent different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. These friends conduct a diversity brainstorming session, and then seek out the meaning of celebrating diversity as it relates to social, economic, environmental, workplace, age, gender, language, educational, geographical differences, as well as differences in hair. For one week, Walter Wombat, Bertha Bison, Bookman Buzzard, Alexander Alligator Gar, and Natalie Gnat seek out diversity details. They learn how the workplace, schools, organizations, and communities many times diminish the understanding of diversity, and ignore intolerant behaviors. Burton chose this layout to help bridge the knowledge gaps in the trails of downplayed, yet noticeable behaviors and ignored diversity phenomenon. Burton says her intentions for this book were to target diversity awareness programs in all aspects of education and life, and curtail often ignored and unspoken behaviors. Instead of using bullet points and statistics, I allow the characters real life experiences to portray key information, she says.

By combining education with fun reading, Sharon L. Burton effectively constructed a diversity guide explaining the silent facets of diversity. What an excellent and timely topic! states a reader. Another reader says, Diversity tends to be placed on the back burner in hard economic times; however, it remains a realistic factor which distinguishes business practices from being noble to being superlative. This book should be required reading for leaders at all levels.

For more information on “Diversity: Just What Is It and Why Does It Keep Changing?, or to schedule a speaking engagement with Sharon L. Burton contact her at (302) 661-1852, or sharon(dot)burton(at)slburton(dot)com.

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