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Study abroad in the summer,, need help?

By admin - Sat Sep 08, 9:33 pm

Question by : Study abroad in the summer,, need help?
I’m a highschool senior and i really want to study abroad in itally, France , or Spain to either better my Spanish or learn a new language my problem is will it count as a credit of the university and what program should I choose ,, I know there is this one called “CEA global education” but I wanna know if trees something better,, Kay thanks

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Answer by Apple Languages
I am unsure whether attending such a program would give you University credits, but total-immersion language courses abroad for foreign students are extremely common, and offered by a number of companies worldwide.

The company I currently work for is one of them, and we offer courses in a number of countries, with durations from one to 36 weeks or more, and a number of different course and accommodation options. Click the links below to see our offered options for your languages of choice, get prices, and book if you like.

Good luck!

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