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What does “returns to education” mean?

By admin - Thu May 03, 1:29 am

Question by : What does “returns to education” mean?
What does “returns to education” mean?

The sentence I´m reading states that “Returns to education have been a central concern to scholars who analyze how recent shifts in labor market have tended to exacerbate high levels of inequality”.

My native language is spanish.

I would greatly appreciate your answer.

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Best answer:

it means to go back to learning a profession/career/trade at a school or college rather than actually working

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    It means “go back to school”. It refers to people who have a job, but want something better, so they go back to college or university to get a better education. Of course, while they’re in school, they aren’t earning anything so it looks like there’s more poverty than there really is.

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    “Returns to education” referes to the profits or benefits gained by scholars.

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    I don’t think any of the above answers is correct, but that sentence is very difficult to understand, and my native language is English and I’m good at it. Please re-post your question including the paragraph that sentence is in or a summary of the writing to help us answer your question if the following does not make sense within the context of the book/essay.

    It makes some sense to interpret it as saying that scholars are looking at the greater number of people returning to college and the impact of that, which is to make worse the difference in the standard of living between well educated people and uneducated people, especially as the labor market changes from jobs requiring less education (manufacturing) to jobs requiring more education (jobs needing scientific and technological knowledge; knowledge for global, not national, business/economy.)

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