Babblefish provides online money converters, money management tools, world banks, world stock market reports, loan and credit card services as well as global economy news and related links. The free online money converter used for finding the exchange rates is one of our more popular feature on the site. This money translator allow you to find the exchange rates for most of the currencies from around the world.


Money Converters / Exchange RatesA very popular service provided by Babblefish is very useful in doing business in other countries or if you are traveling and need to know how much things cost in your currency.

Money Management – we can all use a little help in managing our money. Some more than others. We have shrived to provide useful and easy to use management tips and tools. So check it out and start getting your budget on track.

World Banks – A good start to finding a reputable bank in any part of the world.

Stock Markets - Find market reports from the worlds stock market. Get tips and follow trends, find tools to help you trade more robustly.

Credit Cards / Loans – Looking for a loan or need to get a credit card. Look here for all the best offers and helpful hints and tips.

Money News- great publications and new articles dealing with the financial industry.