Welcome to the Babblefish Audio Production page. Babblefish can help you put together any audio project and help you with all aspects of the production process to be sure you get the best finished product possible.

Audio Production

Audio production and recording can be done on location or in one of many world famous studios that we have developed working relations with. Whether in NY or Los Angles, Boston or San Francisco, Chicago or Miami. England or France, Japan or Netherlands, Australia or Jamaica. we can help you make it happen. We have connections through out the world.

So if you are putting a demo together or making your next platinum release give us a call and we will help you find what you desire in a top notch producer, Engineer, and / or studio from gear selection to atmosphere.

We not only can help you record your sounds but we can also help in duplication and distribution. Because of our association with so many studios and producers we have many outlets for new material. We are always keeping an ear open for new sounds and can help find interested producers and A&R folks to help you along.
A major concern in today’s industry is the archiving of analog tapes to digital format. Many analog tapes are degrading to a point of not being able to be played …. We are losing many treasures and we need to be aware that these treasure can be saved. They need to be transferred to new tape or digital media so that the old master tapes can be retired for good. We can help you get your old tapes transferred to digital or recorded back to analog if you wish. by very talented and highly respected engineers.

Audio project Categories:

  • Entertainment/Music – Demo’s, Performance, books-on-tape (or CD), soundtracks, live shows, archiving.
  • Advertising – Radio and TV spots and infomercial’s; direct mail promotional, CD and DVD.
  • Industrial – Sales & marketing, training, safety, annual report, human resources (recruitment, benefits information, new employee orientation).
  • High-Tech – Audio and sound effects for software, games and Internet sites.
  • Translation – For any of the other project categories as well as kiosks, on-hold telephone messages, any recorded message that needs to be expressed in another language.

Because of our unique association with sound studios across the US and England we can find the best location and talent to make your project stand out. Whether it is a low budget or very high end project we can find the best fit for you.



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