Welcome to the Babblefish internet production page. Babblefish can put together your internet project and help you with all aspects of the production process to be sure you get the best finished product possible.

Internet Production

If you are a do it yourself type, need some help in finding scripts and tutorials on web languages and programs, then click here to learn how to build your own web site. We have compiled a comprehensive list of self help sites for ASP, .NET, PHP, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and more. If you find a useful script here and need help implementing it, then let us know and we will install it for you for a minimum fee.

Babblefish has been involved in web site and internet production for over 17 years. We have very professional and talented developers and artists and we can perform all aspects of web development from web site design to dB back end development to streaming media and web application development.

Babblefish develops multimedia-rich web pages for a broad range of applications. We have a basic package that allows almost all businesses to afford a simple, attractive and informative web page that is listed in major search engines. We also create advanced web pages to meet a broad variety of specialized needs.

Web pages with graphics, banner ads, rich media ads, photos, music, videos, database back ends and FLASH animations designed to entertain or educate consumers that are part of your core marketing and PR programs.

Information-based web pages that allow you to provide instantaneous information to employees, customers and suppliers at a low cost without time or geographic barriers.

Electronic commerce features to allow your customers to place orders using a credit card on a secure server. Where your product is electronic (e.g., software, books, music), we can also deliver it directly to your customer’s computer.

Domain Names are available for under ten dollars. This is a very good price. Domain names can go for as high as thirty five dollars.

It is also our pleasure to bring you added value packages. From SSL Certificates to Web Page Submissions, to Permission Based Email List Tools, to Domain Alert Packages and Virtual Safe Deposit Boxes that give your safe reliable storage for your valuable documents with a web based control panel.

We have a complete line of inexpensive server packages starting at under 10 dollars to full out dedicated packages. Babblefish can help you with all your web server needs from a simple shared server to fully dedicated sever in either lynx or Microsoft.

Multimedia on the web is integral to many companies communications strategy. Babblefish helps your marketing strategy to increase the effectiveness of your media presence. We can revise an unsuccessful web design or create a custom DVD.

Internet budgets vary. Some of the factors that influence costs include the variety of media produced (i.e. text, graphics, animation, audio, video), the time to compile the media and marketing strategies. Each multimedia project we do, whether we create the content, plan the marketing strategy, or do both is customized to the client so each budget is different. We will be happy to give you a preliminary estimate.

Need a virtual web master we can handle all the set up and day to day activities or you can take full control from a online control center and manage the server and activities yourself. Which ever way you choose, Babblefish is there to help you every step of the way.

Additional services:

• Illustrations
• Animations
• Electronic commerce
• Streaming media
• 360 virtual tours



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