Welcome to the Babblefish Special Needs area. We have put this section together because of the obvious need to help those with disabilities have an equal opportunity in today’s technologically advanced society. It is our hope that you will find help, support, knowledge and perhaps a new friend or two,,, So poke around this section of Babblefish for all your special needs help.

Special Needs

Sign language – This collection of sites will help you learn and talk in sign so you can communicate with deaf. A sign dictionary and streaming video examples. Also other useful hearing aids, tools and articles.

Braille – A collection of useful sites, tools and gadgets to help you learn braille as well as other sight aids.

Birth Defects – This section has articles, advice and support for you in dealing with birth defect. From Autism to clef pallets and everything in between we hope you find help here.

Amputee /Paralysis – in today’s world with the wars and violence every were you turn there is an abundance of new amputees and paralyzed individuals. It is our hope to help you find support and help in making the adjustment in this new situation. It is never easy and we hope this section helps in some small way.

Mental Health – Today there are many ways to help people with mental health problems. If you suffer from this disease and need to find some help then this section may be what you need

Home Care / Hospice – This section has a complete list of home care professional services and hospice care for those in need.



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