Welcome to the braille section of the Babblefish special needs area. We have put this section together to help folks with eye problems and the sight impaired to the total blind. .We hope to add web sites, links as well as useful tools and gadgets to help you learn braille as well as use the internet, and so much more. The Web is becoming more and more accessible to the sight impaired thanks to many of the new gadgets and tools available.

Braille and other sight sites..

The Electronic Braille Book Library -This collection currently contains over 1,000 titles; the largest collection of electronic Braille (e-Braille) books in the world. Here you will find books and other writings that span the galaxy of time and centuries. It’s all here, everything from the writings of Aristotle to the latest books on success and personal achievement

RNIB - UK’s leading charity offering information, support and advice to over two million people with sight problems.

www.nei.nih.gov – National Institute of Health (NIH)’s and National Eye Institute (NEI)

www.checkyearly.com – Check Yearly. See Clearly.

www.lighthouse.org – Lighthouse International

Sight For Students (VSP) – a charity that provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children. The program operates nationally through a network of community partners who identify children in need and VSP network doctors who provide the eye care services..

Unite For Sight - a non-profit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. Volunteer Teams work with partner eye clinics in developing countries to provide eye care and eye health education programs.

Braille Bug – Deciphering the Braille Code is easy with this usefull and friendly guide to braille.

Braille Bug alphabet card – Would you like your own Braille Bug alphabet card? You can get one free. Special note to teachers: now you can order the Braille Bug Alphabet Cards in bulk!

Printable Braille Alphabet Key - a view of all the Braille Alphabet and Numbers.

Enablemart – There are literally hundreds of assistive technology products. These products have been designed to collectively meet the needs of individuals across a wide-range of disabilities—blindness, learning difficulties, etc. as well as temporary or permanent problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Perkins School for the Blind – is more than a campus. It’s more than a school. Perkins has been, and continues to be, a source of inspiration and opportunity for people who are blind, deaf or with multiple disabilities across the nation and the world.


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